What is the camper package on a Ford F350?

What is the camper package on a Ford F350?

The Ford F350 is easily one of the most popular vehicles for this. Now, in most cases, if you want to use a slide-on camper with the truck, you will need to buy something known as the Camper Package. This adds some extra springs and bars to the vehicle to allow it to accept the slide-on camper.

What makes a Ford truck a camper special?

Available on Ford F-100 and F-250 models and instantly recognizable with dual extended mirrors, the Camper Special option allowed buyers to equip their trucks with the sort of equipment a camper-topped truck might need: a heavy-duty alternator, extra capacity engine cooling, additional factory gauges and a camper …

What year did Ford make the camper special?

Ford discontinued the Low GVWR versions of the F-Series but the Camper Special F-250 was introduced in 1972.

What was the camper special?

The idea of the Camper Special started with the 1968 Chevrolet/GMC Longhorn pickups. These were three-quarter-ton and one-ton pickups with a longer 8.5-foot bed aimed at better accommodating slide-in campers. After a redesign in 1973, the Camper Special became a more specialized package that buyers could order.

What’s the difference between a Ford f350 and f450?

A big difference is that the F-350 has two truck bed configurations–6.75- or 8-foot bed–while the F-450 only has the longer bed with regular and crew cab options. If you have a job that needs a truck to haul heavy loads, the F-450 can take whatever you can dish out. But both models will tow just about anything.

What does the Ford camper package include?

There are several things offered in the camper package on the Ford F250, including: Increased capacity front springs. Rear auxiliary springs. Slide-in camper certification, to name a few.

What is in the Ford camper package?

Ford offers a “camper package” that is very cheap. It includes beefier springs, rear sway bar and a “camper certification”. Ford also has an info sheet for “slide-in campers”.

What engine was never offered in a Ford truck?

In Brazil, Ford sold the first-generation Super Duty with two choices of turbodiesel engines never offered in the United States. Some had 3.9-liter Cummins B-series paired with four-speed automatics, while others came with a domestically produced 4.2-liter inline-six from MWM, a Brazilian division of Navistar.

Does Chevy make a camper van?

Chevy does not currently make a camper van. However, there are several companies – like Sportsmobile, for example – who offer professional Chevy Express conversions in case you are not a DIY kind of person.

How much is a 1973 Ford f350 worth?

**Figure based on a stock 1973 Ford F-350 1 Ton valued at $9,600 with OH rates with $100/300K liability/UM/UIM limits. Actual costs vary depending on the coverage selected, vehicle condition, state and other factors.

Should I buy F350 or F450?

Where can I find a 1976 Ford F350 XLT camper?


When did Ford stop calling the F 350 Super Camper Special?

Starting in the 1977 model year Ford dropped the “Super” from “Super Camper Special” in favor of calling the F-350 models with camper packages “Camper Special”, a name that was previously only assigned to F-250’s with camper packages.

How big is a Ford Super camper truck?

Ford’s production figures for the 140-inch wheelbase F350 trucks, regardless of whether they are Camper or Trailer Specials: Side views of the Super Camper Specials offer the best way to tell whether theyit is are a typical F350 or the 140-inch wheelbase version.

What kind of truck is a 1974 Ford F350?

1974 Ford F350 Wrecker/Tow Truck 1 owner, 59,000 actual miles Ready Built wrecker unit since new, add on Vulcan under lift, lightly used. 360 engine, 4 speed transmission. Please Note The Followi… More Info › 1975 Ford F350 in good running condition. The truck runs well. Theres very little to no rust on this truck.