What is the code for a Freightliner truck?

What is the code for a Freightliner truck?

Freightliner began using a new FT1001-FT3000 code series in 2003. Kenworth and Peterbilt began using a P0001-P1500 series in 2011 and International trucks began using a new I001-I1680 in 2017. Some cab forward (CF) truck models are actually rebadged import models and do not use Strattec key blanks or key codes.

When do you need to replace a Freightliner key?

We specialize in making replacement car keys for all Freightliner models when you need a spare key, a remote key, your car’s ignition repaired or replaced, and more.

Can you change the ignition on a Freightliner truck?

Changing the ignition for Freightliner trucks is more expensive than buying a replacement key and it will mean that you will have one key for the doors and another for the ignition. When calling a dealer to get a Freightliner replacement key, ask if you can pick up the new key yourself, or whether you have to tow the car there.

Where is the transponder chip on a Freightliner key?

The next image is of a Freightliner key that has a transponder chip in it and therefore NEEDS to be coded. The chip is located inside the cover at the top. The next image is of a Freightliner key that doesn’t contain a chip and therefore DOES NOT NEED to be coded. It’s a simple metal key.

The most visited question in the heavy equipment category starts with an error code on a Freightliner, code EEC 61. This is a long-distance trucker’s nightmare; hundreds of miles from the nearest service, over a thousand miles from home base, and a truck that may or may not make the drive.

How to repair an EEC 61 SPN 3226 Cascadia DD13?

1. Disconnect the SCR outlet NOx sensor. 2. Inspect the SCR outlet NOx sensor and harness side connector for bent, spread, or corroded pins. Is any damage found? a. Yes; repair as necessary. Verify repairs. b. No; replace the SCR outlet NOx sensor.

What is the code on my EEC 61?

Yesterday, I was going fairly fast on Hi RPM and all of the sudden this code showed up (EEC 61 SPN 3226). After some investigation, I noticed my DEF gauge is showing 4 bars, but the tank was less than half full.

What is the code for EEC 61 fail 20 SPN 3226?

Drove about 100 miles and then it called for a forced region and same code EEC 61 FAIL 20 SPN 3226. Any ideas? Click to expand… Had the same thing happen to my 11 cascadia, the nox sensor was bad, it was stripped out when replacing.