What is the most profitable crop in Philippines?

What is the most profitable crop in Philippines?

Pineapple was the most lucrative agricultural commodity last year as it recorded a 526-percent return on investment (ROI), the highest among the 27 local farm and fish products, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

Which of the following crops are high value crops?

Rice was the most valuable agricultural crop in the world in 2016. It was third to sugarcane and maize (corn) in quantity produced.

What are high value crops examples?

High Value Crops:

  • Lavender. Lavender farming can produce above-average profits for small growers, as it is such a versatile crop.
  • Gourmet mushrooms.
  • Woody ornamentals.
  • Garlic.
  • Herbs.
  • Ginseng.

What are the top 5 major crops in the Philippines *?

The leading crops are rice, maize, sugarcane, coconut, banana, mango, pineapple, cassava, coffee, sweetpotato and eggplant.

What are high value crops in the Philippines?

These commodities include abaca, banana, cacao, calamansi, cassava, coconut, coffee, corn, mango, oil palm, onion, pineapple, rice, rubber, seaweeds, sugar, temperate vegetables, livestock, and poultry (https://www.philstar.com/business/).

What are high value crops in Philippines?

High-value products: The leading crops in value per hectare are: Cavendish banana, mango, pineapple, onion, and cabbage. Banana and pineapple are export-driven and with intensive level of management.

Which agriculture is most profitable?

Most Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas in 2021

  • Vertical Farming. Market value: $3.9 billion.
  • Precision Farming. Market value: $7 billion.
  • Apiculture. Market value: $8.3 billion.
  • Microgreens. Market value: $10.9 billion.
  • Vegan Food. Market value: $14.4 billion.

What are high value crops Class 10?

(i) Farmers use higher doses of modern inputs, e.g., high yielding variety (HYV) seeds, chemical fertilisers, insecticides etc. (ii) The per hectare productivity is very high. (iii) Rice, sugarcane, tea, coffee are the major crops which are grown under this.

What is considered a high value crop?

The commonly accepted definition of a high-value crop is one that generates more revenue per acre than a conventional grain crop. SPIN’s definition is much more specific: a high-value crop is one that is worth $100 gross per harvest per bed.

What are the high value crops in Palay?

Irrigated palay farmers with two crops/year will earn P159,400/ha. But with the high cost of P12 per kilo, the farmers net less than P60,000 per ha per year. High-value products. The leading crops in value per hectare are Cavendish banana, mango, pineapple, onion, and cabbage.

Why is high value crops development program important?

High Value Crops Development Program is one of  the banner programs of the Department of Agriculture mandated to contribute for attainment of the food self sufficiency, economic growth  and enhancement of consumer’s health and welfare. It also promotes the production, processing, marketing and distribution of high value crops.

When did da prioritize high value agricultural commodities?

Some 20-high-value agricultural commodities were prioritized by the DA in 2014 under the World-Bank assisted Philippine Rural Development Program.

What are some examples of high value crops?

The exercise below shows that productivity is a major factor. Markets and costs are important as well, but these are not the focus of discussion. High-priced products include: coffee, garlic, tobacco, abaca, peanut, and mango. But low productivity takes its heavy toll.