What is the world record for the beer mile?

What is the world record for the beer mile?

4 minutes 28 seconds
Canadian runner Corey Bellemore has just set a new all-time world record for the Beer Mile, completing all four laps of a track— and downing four beers—in just 4 minutes 28 seconds. “I’m really happy with the result,” he said in a post-race interview.

How much beer do you drink in a beer mile?

The Official Beer Mile Rules. 1. You must drink four cans of beer and run four laps on a track. Drink one beer to start, and then one beer every time you finish a lap.

What is a beer mile race?

Official beer mile rules require drinking a whole can of beer, running 1/4 mile, and repeating both three more times (penalty lap if you throw up). For the record: Consuming four alcoholic beverages in a short period of time is considered binge drinking.

Why do ultra runners drink beer?

Not only does beer consist mainly of water – perfect for rehydrating after a long run – but it also provides carbohydrates which help your muscles refuel.

Can you shotgun in a beer mile?

No specialized cans or bottles may be used that give an advantage by allowing the beer to pour at a faster rate (e.g. wide mouth bottles/cans). Beer cans must not be tampered with in any manner. (e.g. no shotgunning, puncturing the can, squeezing the can, etc.).

Which alcohol is good for runners?

Champagne cocktails Champagne has fewer calories than white wine. A champagne cocktail, with orange or grapefruit juice will also give you a small amount of vitamin C too.

Do marathon runners drink beer?

It’s no secret that runners love a good, cold beer after a hard workout. When we’re not limited to small, socially distanced groups, bars are among the most popular meet-up spots for local run clubs. A free pint at the finish line has long been part of the tradition at many races.

How fast could Usain Bolt run a mile?

Three minutes, forty-three seconds, and thirteen hundredths of a second is the fastest that a human has ever run a mile, as far as we know.