What kind of fluid goes in a Eaton transmission?

What kind of fluid goes in a Eaton transmission?

Eaton’s PS-386 Synthetic transmission lubricant is designed for fuel efficiency, extended drain intervals, and severe service in heavy-duty commercial vehicle transmissions which require a non-EP transmission lubricant.

What transmission fluid does a 2006 Allison transmission take?

GM changed the transmission fluid specifications for the 2006 model year from DEXRON-III to DEXRON-VI.

What kind of transmission fluid does a 2006 Duramax take?

2006-2007 6.6L LBZ Duramax Maintenance Parts – Fluids, Filters, and Oil

Part Type Part #
Auto Transmission Fluid 06 6-Speed See Below Dexron VI AC Delco 10-9243
Manual Transmission Fluid ZF S6-650 6-Speed GM TranSynd full synthetic transmission fluid – GM 12378515
External Transmission Filter (Automatic) ACDelco TF950

What type of transmission fluid does Allison use?

Allison recommends that customers use an Allison Approved TES 295® automatic transmission fluid to extend drain intervals and enhance transmission performance and durability in all operating environments with on-highway products.

How many quarts of fluid to use on an Allison?

Allison gives 10.6 quarts for a refill. But if you installed the deep pan, you changed the internal sump/filer to the one for the deep pan (I hope) When you pull the internal filter out, more fluid drains. But 12 quarts seems a bit much – if you are certain of your amounts and depending on where you were on the dip stick to begin with.

What is Allison transmission filter?

The Allison 29539579 Spin-On Transmission Filter is an OE replacement for the Allison filter that comes on your truck. Protect your transmission using only the best.

What is Allison Transmission Fluid?

The Allison 27101-CTCS TranSynd Transmission Fluid is a premium, synthetic, universal powershift and automatic transmission fluid with TES 295 and TES 468 approval. Features: Excellent Thermal Oxidation Stability Resists Deposit Formation.