What kind of transmission does a M30 have?

What kind of transmission does a M30 have?

It has all of the major RPO codes listed on it. These codes tell you everything from the paint that came on the vehicle, to the engine, and even the transmission. For instance, the LM7 engine is the 5.3L LS truck motor and the LR4 is the 4.8.

How does mm rally CaM affect M30 engine?

Or ported M30 head, with 16% more flow, increases cylinder filling and adds a 10% increase in torque through out the entire power band. The MM Rally cam has larger intake lobe than the exhaust. This makes for a broad power band. Increasing the upper RPM of the engine without sacrificing low end torque and a smooth idle.

How much does a BMW M30 rally engine weigh?

The piston and rod assembly in a MM 3700 Rally engine is just 950g vs 1435 grams for a stock BMW M30 engine. For a total weight reduction of over 6.5# (2910g).

Is the mm 3700 rally engine still in use?

We no longer build a MM 3700 Sport engine. It has been replaced with with a much improved MM 3700 Rally engine. The piston and rod weight in a MM 3700 Rally engine is over a half pound lighter than than the earlier MM 3700 Sport. The piston is 50g lighter and shorter but has reduced side loading and piston rock in the cylinder.

How much does a GM M30 transmission weigh?

M30 Specs. The M30 transmission has an aluminum case and weighs 162 pounds with all the fluid in it. It has been made available in a wide variety of GM automobiles, from the Corvette all the way to the Silverado. There is sometimes an M30 stamp on the case, similar to the MD8 stamped on the 700R4.

Is the M30 transmission compatible with the 4L60E?

The M30 transmission is compatible with any other 4L60E of the same year, but it is worth noting that GM changed a lot as far as how the clutches handled friction in the torque converter, what the torque converter was even made of, bellhousing bolt patterns, and more.

Where is the production code on a M30 transmission?

There is sometimes an M30 stamp on the case, similar to the MD8 stamped on the 700R4. You’ll find the 4L60E production code on the passenger side of the transmission by the pan toward the rear.

Is the Oldsmobile 4L60E transmission a problem?

Another 4L60E owner added: “The 4L60E is as common as the TH350 except it is newer and bigger. No, its definitely not the most defective transmission on the road. Most all vehicle manufacturers have their “Problem children”. When I was at the Oldsmobile GMC dealer back in the 80’s it seemed that all I ever worked on was the 440T4.