What should oil temp be on Honda ATV?

What should oil temp be on Honda ATV?

The engine has to reach approximately 300 degrees F. before the fan will come on. If the engine is, in fact, reaching this temperature, then I would say your oil temp sensor is bad. You usually have to run them pretty hard to reach that temperature, though. Or running slowly in low gear for a while will usually make the fan kick on, too.

Where are the oil temp sensor connections on a Honda Foreman?

It appears that the oil temp sensor shares a connector with the reverse shift switch and the reverse shift switch has a gray wire running to it. So, if you’re looking for the connector, it will be a 2 wire connector with a yellow/green wire (oil temp sensor) and a gray wire (reverse shift switch).

What to do if your oil temp sensor is overheating?

You may want to simply unplug the wires right where they plug into the sensor and plug them back into themselves. (male and female connections) It should run the cooling fan as long as the key is turned on. Also it will cause the red LED light to indicate an overheat situation.

What causes the red light on the oil temp sensor?

Also it will cause the red LED light to indicate an overheat situation. At least that’s the way it works with my 1987 Foreman with a 350D. (quick access with only two bolts to remove) Now, it might also be that your 2001 won’t run if there is some kind of a built in shut off designed to recognize that direct connection as an overheat situation.

When did the Honda rancher 4×4 come out?

We decided we wanted the bigger engine and the automatic transmission, but we didn’t need the GPS system, so we elected to test the Rancher AT 4X4 without GPScape. We took delivery of our red Rancher AT in February of 2004, and were immediately impressed with the fit and finish of the machine.

What kind of ATV is a Honda rancher?

More commonly known as the Rancher, this ATV falls into the mid-size category. It is larger and loaded with more features than entry-level quads, such as Honda’s own Recon or Suzuki’s Ozark, but not as capable or expensive as one of the full-size quads, like the Yamaha Grizzly or Kawasaki Brute Force.

What are the controls on a Honda rancher?

All controls are easily within reach, and easy to operate with gloved hands. The right thumb controls the throttle, the selector for 2WD or 4WD, and the Auto/ESP transmission selector. The left thumb controls the headlights, high beams, starter, kill switch, and gear position (when in manual shift mode).

What kind of transmission does a Honda rancher have?

For those of us who are control freaks, Honda provides the Electronic Shift Program (ESP). Since the Rancher has a CVT, there are no actual gears, but the transmission does have five preset ratios which are controlled by thumb switches next to the left handgrip.