What should the valve clearance be on a VEB D12?

What should the valve clearance be on a VEB D12?

With engine cold (140 F or less), adjust valve clearance to 0.2 mm (0.008 in.). Hold adjusting screw in place and torque-tighten lock nut to 38 ± 3 Nm (28 ± 2 ft-lb).

What are the fault codes for a Volvo FH12?

The sensor is faulty, wiring is damaged, the water pump is working with incomplete efficiency, the radiator cells are clogged or the thermostat is faulty. Injected air temperature. Sensor is defective, wiring is damaged, cells of intercooler ( intercooler ) are clogged , mechanical failure of the engine.

How does cruise control work on a Volvo FH12?

The signal from the cruise control switch is a prerequisite for cruise control and the ability to manually set a constant engine speed for power take-off. The active signal from the “ON” and “SET” buttons on the cruise control switch. When the vehicle is moving , cruise control is activated.

What does the clutch pedal do on a Volvo FH12?

The contact of the clutch pedal is open (the clutch pedal is partially or fully depressed). The signal from the clutch pedal interrupts the operation of the cruise control and turns off the manual constant speed of the engine. The signal from the parking brake is active.

What do you need to know about marine exhaust systems?

You must also understand that when we talk “marine exhaust” we are usually talking a “wet” system, but also realize that inside this “wet system” we have two distinct parts. In most exhaust systems that are in the type of boats discussed in these forums (150-800 HP diesel engines), there are TWO distinct parts of the exhaust system/piping.

How do you adjust the clearance of a valve?

Adjust the valve bridge clearance: •Loosen the adjusting screw lock nut. •Loosen adjusting screw until it no longer contacts valve stem. •Press valve bridge downward toward the valve stem. •Tighten adjusting screw until it makes contact, then turn an additional 1 flat or 60 .