What size is the clutch fan bolt?

What size is the clutch fan bolt?

The fan clutch “nut” is 36 mm. You can use a 1 7/16″ wrench which will be loose but will work, or you can take a 1 3/8″ wrench and grind the open end to fit. (Some places offer cheap wrenches make in China that you don’t mind modifying.)

How much is a fan clutch replacement?

For a clutch fan replacement, you will pay between $140 and $400, depending on the kind of car you own. The labor should cost you $70 to $130, while the parts can start at $75 and go up to nearly $300.

Do I need to replace fan clutch?

According to Hayden, here are some signs your fan clutch might need replaced: Fan spins excessively when engine is stopped (three or more times when hot engine is shut off). Poor A/C performance at idle or low vehicle speeds. Fan speed does not increase when engine is hot.

Is the fan clutch bolt reverse thread?

If you are ever wondering which way to loosen the fan nut (some are reverse thread) it will always loosen in the same direction as the fan turns when the engine is running. Use your opposite hand to support the fan blade so it does not hit the radiator and cause a leak when the fan becomes loose.

What size is the nut on a Ford fan clutch?

Most of the clutch fan nut sizes that I have come across on both Ford and GMC vehicles have been size 1”7/8.

How can u tell if a fan clutch is bad?

To confirm the diagnosis, start with this simple test: Spin the fan as hard as you can on an engine that has not been started that day. If the fan rotates more than five times, you can bet the clutch is bad. You should feel some resistance and the fan may spin up to three times, depending on the ambient temperature.

When did the Ford fan clutch Nut come out?

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What kind of fan clutch does a Chevy have?

Fan Clutch, Engine Cooling, Standard Thermal Style, Each Fan Clutch, Severe-Duty Thermal, Buick, Cadillac, Chevy, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Each Fan Clutch, Standard Thermal, Chevy, Ford, Lincoln, Each

What is the w80585 Ford fan clutch wrench set?

Performance Tool W80585 Ford Fan Clutch Wrench Set allows easy access to fan clutch nut on 1984 to 1993 Ford 4.9-Liter E and F series truck engines, 1984 to 1987 Ford 4.6-Liter modular engines, 2.8-Liter engines, 1988 to current 2.9-Liter to 3.0-Liter engines, 1990 to current 4.0-Liter engines.

Are there different types of thermal fan clutches?

We manufacture four different types of thermal fan clutches: standard duty, heavy duty, severe duty and truck fan drives. Each type is engineered to simulate the performance, fit and appearance of the original equipment clutch that it replaces. All fan clutches are for specific applications and should only be applied for which they are cataloged.