What size speakers are in a 2011 Honda Civic?

What size speakers are in a 2011 Honda Civic?

Speakers that fit your 2011 Honda Civic ex*

Speaker location Speaker sizes**
Corner Dash Tweeter
Front Door 6-3/4″
Rear Deck Center 8 inch OEM replacement
Rear Deck Corners 6-3/4″

Does the Honda Civic 2012 have Bluetooth?

The 2012 Honda Civic has bluetooth hands-free phone capabilities.

How big are the speakers on a Honda Civic?

Aside from that, you can fit most aftermarket 5 1/4″ speakers with an adapter (readily available from companies like scosche and others), or use most 6.5″ speakers with a custom built spacer ring. (mounting depth is a concern here, as the trunk springs run directly under the rear deck).

How big are the speakers on a Honda Accord?

Honda uses a proprietary speaker mounting system, closest to a 6.5″ speaker in our cars. If you are trying to avoid work and just have something that drops into the factory location, the easiest thing to do will be to get yourself some factory Honda speakers.

What kind of radio does Honda Civic Forum use?

They fit, are designed to work with the factory radio, and they plug right into the factory wiring.

How can I tell what speakers fit my car?

To see which speakers fit your vehicle, we’ve disassembled the door panels of tens of thousands of vehicles, measured the spaces where the factory speakers fit, and loaded our findings into Crutchfield’s massive fit database.

How many speakers does a Honda Civic have?

The 6-speaker system added a pair of tweeters in the dash. An upgraded sound system was also available for Civic owners who wanted a bit more oomph from their stereos. This system featured seven speakers, including a subwoofer in the rear deck. An external amplifier was included to power it all.

What do I need to mount a stereo in a Honda Civic?

A pack of Posi-Products Car Stereo Connectors makes the job of connecting the harness wires to the stereo wires much easier. One important note: If your Civic is a DX model that doesn’t have a factory stereo, you’ll need to purchase stereo mounting brackets from your local Honda dealer.

What are the features of a Honda Civic?

Key Features 1 Heated Front 2 Heated Front 3 Leather-Trimmed 4 Heated Front and Outboard Rear 5 Leather-Trimmed

Where is the amplifier located in a Honda Civic?

The location of this amplifier depends on which type of car you have. In sedans, it’s located under the driver’s seat. Just run the harness’ wires to the amp. In coupes, you’ll find the amp beneath the center console, in front of the gear shifter.