What to do when engine management light comes on?

What to do when engine management light comes on?

Simply resetting the engine management light to make it go off without diagnosing the repairing the fault will result in the light coming back on again. However, if you have repaired the fault yourself and want to reset the symbol yourself, disconnecting the battery for a few minutes will work on certain vehicles.

Why is there a warning light on my diesel engine?

Some diesel-powered cars have a specific warning light for their diesel particulate filter (DPF), whereas others don’t and rely on the EML providing a warning instead. The latter is sometimes also illuminated if the car detects a fault with the differential pressure sensor, which determines how effectively the DPF is performing.

Can a blocked filter cause an engine management light to turn on?

It is possible for it to become blocked and subsequently cause your engine management light to turn on, but no need to worry! This problem should be fixed if you drive somewhere with a faster speed limit (the RAC says that a thirty-to-fifty-minute jaunt at sustained speed on the motorway should clear the filter).

Why does my engine management light keep flashing?

Unlike the coolant temperature light, for example, which alerts you if the car is overheating, the Engine Management Light (EML) can illuminate for a number of reasons. A flashing or continuous warning light can show If the ECU calculates that the engine isn’t quite running right.

Why does my diesel truck have a check engine light?

One of the most common reasons for seeing the check engine light on a diesel truck is the aftertreatment system. Diesel trucks have nitrogen oxide (NOx) sensors that measure what your car is putting out into the environment.

What does it mean when your engine management light comes on?

If you see it, it means that something to do with your car’s engine and/or exhaust has gone wrong. Unfortunately, the engine management light does not warn of one specific problem. Instead, it is connected to the engine control unit (ECU): your car’s computer brain. Should the ECU detect something out of the ordinary, it will turn the light on.

What to do if your engine management light is amber?

In the majority of cases, the car will need to be connected to diagnostic equipment to determine exactly where the fault lies. In many cases, the light operates on a colour-coded basis. An amber EML doesn’t necessarily point to an unfolding emergency – you should be able to continue on your way and seek advice on reaching your destination.

What is the EML light on a car?

Some cars display the engine warning light in different colours according to how serious the problem is. The engine warning light may also flash. Check your vehicle handbook for the precise definitions but typically, the eml will appear on your dashboard as a red or amber light.