What was the problem with the Polaris fusion 900?

What was the problem with the Polaris fusion 900?

Polaris had issues with the cranks on these sleds breaking from the factory, so they changed the torque speck from the original spec to something north of 100 ft-lbs. 100 ft-lbs caused the hubs to mushroom from over torquing and ruined the clutch.

What kind of Hood does a Polaris fusion 700 have?

’04 Pro-X2 700, Airbrushed “Reaper” hood, 121/15/1.5 Intense, proper jetting and some clutching, MBRP can. ’06 Fusion 700, Arctic FX Red Snow Camo wrap, MBRP Can, SLP cold air intake, SLP heat elimination kit, Tracks USA rail and tunnel extensions, 136/15/1.5 Rip saw, Team 719 Helix and black/red spring, 10-74 weights and black/almond spring.

What kind of belt does a Polaris snowmobile use?

Polaris Dayco HPX (High Performance Extreme) Belt. Fits various 99 & newer mid to high power Polaris Snowmobiles. Polaris Dayco XTX (Xtreme Torque) Belt.

What are the problems with my Polaris snowmobile?

The wires are a known problem on the Fuse’s because of the vibrations. The copper wire tends to break inside the insulation. Start there and get back with us. Also the clutch problem is more than likely either a broken clutch spring as stated earlier, or the other option is that the center clutch hub has mushroomed from over torquing.

Is there a warranty on Polaris Drive belts?

While Polaris offers an extended belt warranty on their vehicles, this warranty only applies to failures that result from a manufacturer’s defect in the construction of the drive belt. Upwards of 98% of belt drive failures result from misuse, abuse, and a lack of maintenance, and none of these failures are covered by the drive belt warranty.

What causes a drive belt failure on a Polaris?

One of the most common failures we see on Polaris vehicles is CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) drive belt failures. While these failures can be expensive to fix, the majority of them can be easy to prevent. The easiest way to extend your belt life is to use the low gear drive range when you are not operating the vehicle at high speeds.

What kind of drive system does a Polaris ATV have?

While this blog post primarily discusses Polaris vehicles, the concepts apply to ATVs, UTVs, and Side by Sides (that utilize CVT drive systems) from all of the OEMs produced by Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, Honda, and Can-Am.