When did CHP use Mustangs?

When did CHP use Mustangs?

CHP first tested the bars on Mustangs in September of 1990 (4 units total), but they didn’t start equipping any Mustangs with the bars until 1992. CHP didn’t typically order unmarked cars, although a few were reportedly repainted and used for other duties.

Does CHP have a Mustang?

Back in the early 1980s, the California Highway Patrol needed something a bit quicker than their regular police cruisers to keep up with contemporary performance cars. Yes, a modern SSP Mustang, called the 11-99, was built by Jay Leno and Galpin Auto Sports with some assistance from Ford and the CHP.

What is a SSP Mustang?

The Ford Mustang SSP is a lightweight police car package that was based on the Ford Mustang and produced by Ford between 1982-1993. The SSP abbreviation means Special Service Package, a special Foxbody Mustang trim made exclusively for law enforcement use.

What year did Ford go to EFI on the Mustang?

In fact, it gave Mustang enthusiasts a bad taste when it came to EFI. They feared it would be impossible to make performance modifications. The 1984 CFI models are the very first Mustangs to come with an electronic engine management system.

How fast is a police Mustang?

It has been clocked at 150 mph during official testing. The 2021 Ford F-150 Police Responder, a pursuit-rated pickup based on the F-150 design, reaches 120 mph with more control when cornering, the company announced in March.

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How do I know if my Mustang is SSP?

All Mustangs have this 2 digit code on the door data tag (or Vehicle Certification label) on the inside face of the driver’s door. All special-ordered Mustangs, whether or not an SSP, have a 6 digit DSO number, with 4 additional numbers following the Sales Office code.

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When did the Oregon State Police Order 34 Ford Mustangs?

The Oregon State Police had ordered 34 coupes in 1988, but cancelled the order at the last minute. The dealership that ordered the coupes, Damerow Ford, scrambled to find a way to get rid of the order, and Saleen took custody of 14 of the cars.