When does SPN 520272 FMI 13 go inactive?

When does SPN 520272 FMI 13 go inactive?

Once the ABS ECU has been reprogrammed, the code SA11 SPN 520272 FMI 13 will go inactive, but fault code SA 11 SPN 520213 FMI 31 -ESC Calibration Procedure /Condition exists will probably still be present. To clear this code the ESC Learning Procedure located in DiagnosticLink will need to be run.

What does diagnostic trouble code s08327 mean?

BODY CONTROLLER DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODES (S08327) 1 DEFINITIONS 1.1.2. Displaying Codes on the VID (if equipped) The VID can be used to display all diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) on the vehicle. Suspect parameter number (SPN), failure mode indicator (FMI) and occurrence count numbers are listed.

What is the fault code for SS 1033682?

The code SA11 SPN 520272 FMI 13 –EOL Parameter ESC-Function (Steering Ratio Parameters) – out of calibration, will be active if the steering angle parameters are not correct. The code typically is accompanied by Fault code SA 11 SPN 520213 FMI 31 -ESC Calibration Procedure /Condition exists.

What is the Suspect Parameter Number ( SPN )?

The Suspect Parameter Number (SPN) is diagnostic fault code terminology found on some Caterpillar ® products using a J1939 CAN data link.

What does SPN 2633 FMI 7 fault code mean?

SPN 2633 FMI 7 has (3) occurrences and both SPN 101 FMI 2 and SPN 1209 FMI 16 have (1) fault. I never cleared them and honestly don’t know how to find out how old they are. What does this mean and how can I correct it??

Do you know the fault code for FMI 13?

I used JPRO to check the code, under description says “After treatment 1 Hydrocarbon Dosing System – Calibration value out of range”. Does anyone know what this code is? Thanks in advance Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport. Please Select…

What does SPN stand for on a diagnostic code?

Previously active diagnostic trouble codes can only be cleared by a service tool, such as Diamond Logic® Builder (DLB). Some previously active codes may not be cleared by this method. “SPN” represents the Suspect Parameter Number. This number identif es the item for which diagnostics are being reported. FMI” is the Failure Mode Indicator.