Who makes the best loco moco?

Who makes the best loco moco?

Liliha Bakery
1: Liliha Bakery. And finally, with 21% of the total vote, Liliha Bakery takes the top spot for the best classic local moco.

What does Moco Loco mean in Hawaiian?

by Phil Zuziak. The Tiki Terrace proudly serves one of Hawaii’s most classic dishes- loco moco. To those who speak Spanish, this seems super funny….. loco meaning crazy, and moco meaning buger. Yup, that’s right….Hawaii serves up one mean dish of crazy burgers.

Who has the best loco moco in Maui?

3 of the Best Loco Moco on Maui You Need To Try

  • Kihei Caffe. Ask locals and they will all tell you the same thing: Kihei Caffe is by far one of the best breakfast spots on the island, so of course, they serve some of the most delicious Loco Moco available!
  • Da Kitchen.
  • Nalu’s South Shore Grill.

Is loco moco a breakfast?

Loco Moco is a mountainous meal consisting of a heap of white rice topped with a hamburger patty and a Sunnyside-up egg, and then smothered in gravy. This dish is popular for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and is a candidate for the Cholesterol Hall of Fame.

Is Loco moco unhealthy?

Loco moco is an aggressively comforting food—it’s warm, mouth-coating, and yes, cholesterol heavy, as all good comfort foods often are. It’s also a comfort food that belongs to Hawaii and its unique history and place in the world.

What is Hawaii’s national dish?

Saimin is a traditional noodle soup that’s considered the national dish of Hawaii. There are several variations on the dish, but it usually consists of thin noodles in clear broth with fish cakes, scallions, and often char siu pork or ham.

What state is famous for loco moco?

Loco Moco (loh-koo moh-koo) is Hawaii’s original homemade fast food and can be found at just about any fast food joint, roadside diner, mom and pop restaurant or lunch wagon in the Islands. This dish is truly unique to Hawaii, and it is a comfort food, or “local grind,” of the Hawaiian Islands.

How do you eat a loco moco?

Unlike a SPAM Musubi which you can eat with your hands, a loco moco is not hands food! Using either a spoon or disposable pair of chopsticks, grab a bite and savor the deliciousness.