Who makes the N13 diesel engine?

Who makes the N13 diesel engine?

Navistar ® N13
The Navistar ® N13 is designed specifi cally for International ® brand vehicles. The 2200 bar common rail fuel system delivers outstanding fuel economy….Specs.

Horsepower 365-475 hp
Torque 1250-1700 lb.-ft.
Engine Type Diesel, 4-Cycle
Configuration Inline 6-Cylinder
Displacement 12.4 L (758 cu. in.)

What is a N13 diesel engine?

The N13 SCR engine features a proven emissions control system that injects DEF directly into the exhaust stream, converting harmful nitrogen oxides into nitrogen, water, and small amounts of carbon dioxide.

Is the international A26 a good engine?

The International A26 engine has proven to be one of the most reliable engines, consistently improving uptime for all of its customers. These engines were engineered with uptime in mind and have continued to prove it. A26 engine customers have logged over 500,000 real-life driving miles.

Who is the manufacturer of the N13 engine?

You’ve likely heard tales of its unparalleled performance, but you may not be aware of who makes the N13 engine. In fact, it’s designed exclusively for International Trucks by Navistar International.

When did the International Maxxforce Engine come out?

International MaxxForce engines built in 2013 and after will already come with the fix. An International dealer can determine whether pre-2013 engines have been updated with the improved parts.

What makes an International Transtar 8600 a Transtar?

2016 International 8600 SBA Air Conditioning Power Steering Heated Mirrors Aluminum Tanks Power Windows Power Mirrors Power Door Locks Tilt/Telescopic Wheel Dual High-Back Se… See More Details

Is the ProStar N13 engine designed for international use?

Designed for International trucks, the N13 calibration is fully optimized for a balance between performance and fuel economy. The engine is equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction, or SCR.