Why did my Bobcat T320 shut down seconds after starting?

Why did my Bobcat T320 shut down seconds after starting?

After 4 days of not running the machine due to inclement weather I attempted to start up the machine and when the motor turned over and fired it only starts up for a couple seconds then shuts down with no codes flashing.

What to do if your bobcat won’t start?

Discussion in ‘ Skid Steers ‘ started by bobcat s650, Jan 20, 2017 . Try disconnecting the battery for 5-10 min and hook it back up and try again. maybe resetting the ecu will get you up and running. id give the dealer a call too, may be a software update to install.

Can a faulty ECM cause a Bobcat to shut down?

With a fault with pretty much any electrical control a Bobcat controller (ECM) recognizes it. There are exceptions, but you rarely see them happen. In this case, even though you suspect the fuel supply is good, we need to start there as that’s one of the things the controller “can’t see”. For example, a faulty lift pump.

How can I tell if my bobcat has power or ground?

check for power and ground with the key off, you should see 12v. with the harnesses reconnected, and key on, backprobe the orange wires, you should see 12v. if you dont have power and ground through the harness, move your ground to a good known frame ground, and recheck for 12v.

What should the third wire be on a bobcat T320?

The third wire should be a ground. If the hold open coil isn’t powered, the engine will start but shutoff immediately. If it was me, the first thing check is to pull the return line and make sure fuel is pouring out of the injector pump, then make sure I had power on at least one wire.

Do you need a flash code for a bobcat?

Bobcat machines do not “flash codes”, and they don’t store codes, you have to manually bring up codes when they are active. When the machine stalls out, do you hear three beeps from the alarm?