Why does my DT-466 have no oil pressure?

Why does my DT-466 have no oil pressure?

Discussion in ‘ General Discussion ‘ started by rch, Nov 26, 2005 . One of our Dt-466’s has a oil pressure problem. First it’s a mechanical 1995 model, and the engine is rebuilt with a new oil pump. On start (when cold) the buzzers and gauges indicate no oil pressure.

Why is there no oil pressure in my engine?

We determined it was the engine oil pressure pump not getting enough flow to the high pressure oil pump that feeds the HEUI (hydraulically actuated electronic unit injector) system. The oil pump is crank driven and has a direct passage to the high pressure oil pump reservoir.

Where is the oil pressure regulator on a diesel?

There is a pressure regulator and a relief valve that control the oil pressure. I believe they are both located in the front cover in your engine. I have a hard time believing the pickup tube would have failed. Click to expand… Pulled the tube and checked it. It was fine. Pulled the engine oil pump (on crank) and it looks worn.

Why does my DT engine not start well?

The high mileage on this DT engine was a factor and we changed the HEUI o-rings as well since that also directly effects starting. The o-rings separate the oil from the fuel around the injector and if one of them fails this will also cause poor starting among other problems.

What causes an oil leak in a DT466 truck?

DT466 Most common Oil Leak suspects if your not losing engine lube. Stop paying for the dealerships parts installer’s guessing and look around. Engine rear. 1) Engine breather tube. The engine vents to the atmosphere and vapor can accumulate on the transmission housing.

How much does a DT 466E gasket cost?

Most gaskets on a DT 466E are less than $50,00 a piece. Oil and water have one thing in common. They can both leak in on location and appear on a different location because they blow around and travel on wires, hoses, and ridges. Loose the idiot working on your truck. PM me and give me some details. Bob Wolf.

Where is the fuel filter on a DT466 truck?

There is an O ring that eventually hammers a flat spot on the quick connecter. Supply is usually on the fuel filter housing Engine left side return is attached to the fuel regulator back of the fuel rail rear left. You will need to remove the doghouse to reach this.

What kind of oil to use in DT466?

If you cannot find a CI 4 As an alternative you can use 10% 20/50 engine oil or 1/2 gallon of Lucas to every ten gallons of oil if you have higher miles. I would also check the injectors, the ICP sensor and the cam crank sensor.

What should I do if my oil pressure is too high?

International engines can be very temperamental. The injectors need good quality oil at high pressure and flow rate to activate. Engine temp is also a factor, a cold engine will take more to start than a warm engine as the oil flows slower. If its all good then I would check the IPR valve.