Why does my engine take too long to warm up?

Why does my engine take too long to warm up?

Engine takes too long to warm up runs poor until it warms… Q: Engine takes too long to warm up runs poor until it warms up. My engine runs poor misses hesitates until it warms up can the clutch on my fan cause this issue keeping the engine to cold

When did GMC stop using the 305c engine?

1. Used in 1960-61 in series 1000-3500 trucks. Droped from line in 1962. 2. 305B and 305C were both used through 1960-61 in series 4000 trucks. 305B was discontinued in 1962. 305C was available through 1974. 3. The 305D was an option in 1961, and standard for 1962 in series 1000-3500 trucks. 4.

When did the GMC big block V6 come out?

In 1962 the 478 V6 was introduced for use in the 6500 series trucks. 11. In 1966 the 351E was offered series 1000-3500 trucks. 12. M = Magnum series engines introduced in 1966.

Why is my Chevy Vortec 4300 V6 leaking fuel?

In the L35 and LF6 engines, the spider injectors are known to leak at the pressure regulator and at the supply and return lines due to a design fault. Outside of leaking fuel onto the exterior of the engine itself, it can cause excess fuel to get sucked into the engine.

What causes an engine to surge during a tune up?

Step 2 – An engine’s tune up is a regularly scheduled service, when this service is neglected it can cause the engine to surge. Learn more Step 3 – If a fuel pump or regulator is failing is can cause an unsteady volume or pressure for the fuel system causing the engine to surge. Learn more

Why is my Chevy 4.3 engine still running?

Checking your vehicle’s fluid levels is always a good idea to maintain the overall longevity of the engine. Once you have ruled out all the basics, you can go back to what the Chevy 4.3 engine is known for: bad idle air control valves and throttle control switches.

Why is my car surging at idle speed?

When an engine’s computer can “hunt” or “surge” at cruising or idle speeds it is searching for program compliance, there is a problem elsewhere in the system.

Can a vacuum line cause an engine to surge?

Learn more Step 5 – If a vacuum line has caused a leak the engine will surge, as vacuum lines age they can become brittle and fall off the engine or accessory. Learn more Step 6 – If an air intake boot becomes torn and develops a leak it will cause the engine to surge.