Why does my Volvo XC90 keep losing power?

Why does my Volvo XC90 keep losing power?

Taken to Volvo every time to SRS airbag reset because it comes on every time I unplug battery $50 charge each time. Ridiculous! Checked voltage and never drops below 12.5 and only that low while starting. This is going to kill someone and Volvo does nothing about it.

What to do if your Volvo Cem goes off?

There is a place I found called XemodeX that rebuilds the CEM but want to see if there is possibly an easier solution. Driving on highway for an hour going 70 and feel the car lurch and a sort of jolt. Wipers go on and then all gauges go off. It’s like a full electrical power loss. It was scary and unexpected.

How to replicate the problem at the Volvo Dealer?

If you want to replicate the problem at the Volvo dealer take along a blow dryer and an extension cord have them turn the car on pull the 2 panels ( the 1 next to the drivers right knee and the 1 in front of your left knee) and blow the hair dryer on the cem directly for 10 minutes voila you are going to replicate your cars incident.

Are there any complaints about the 2004 Volvo XC90?

CarComplaints.com Notes: The XC90 took its “freshman 15” of transmission complaints and turned it into a “sophomore 45.” The 2004 XC90 saw 3X as many complaints about the transmission failing as it did in its inaugural North American model year!

Is there a problem with my 2004 XC90?

On top of transmission complaints, the 2004 XC90 also has problems with a sudden loss of power. The lucky ones are met with a “reduced engine performance” message, while others are left stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow. No one has added a helpful site for this 2004 XC90 problem yet. Be the first!

What are the symptoms of a Volvo transmission problem?

Volvo transmission problem symptoms vary. A complete list of possible symptoms includes: Hard shifting between gears or hard downshifts. Volvo does not move when placed in Drive or Reverse. The engine revs up before going into the next gear. Transmission stuck in gear. Common fault codes are TCM-002A, TCM-002B, P0733, P0734.

Is it safe to drive a Volvo with an automatic transmission?

If you are experiencing problems with your Volvo transmission, take a minute to become familiar with these problems. Volvo makes some of the safest cars on the road, but on the other hand, Volvos are known to have problems with their automatic transmission.

Why is my XC90 D5 not accelerating with no power?

This is the easiest fix of them all after that it gets involved so codes need to be read, the one I am doing at the moment with no power is showing 91% throttle at all times with no change. Saying this check pipe then scan car. Also weird electrical rattling sound after starting for 2-3 seconds and very lumpy when turning off the ignition

What happens when you lose power in your car?

Within a few moments all the electronics shuts down; all dash, stereo, lights, wipers, windows and lack of power to engine but stays running. This was almost a deadly crash while driving on freeway at dark while pouring rain and there were cars everywhere.

Can a cylinder head be removed from a Volvo XC90?

The resulting noise from when the pistons meet the valves in their sudden newfound embrace sounds exactly like your checking account being emptied – XC90 owners have reported quotes as high as $15,000 to get their engine rebuilt out of warranty. In most cars, the the cylinder head can usually be removed with the engine still in the car.

When did the alternator go out on my XC90?

On 20120208 at 92,415 miles, I got a red triangle indicator and a “POWER SYSTEM SERVICE URGENT” message in the message center, along with the battery warning icon illuminated in the idiot-light panel on the right, followed by a MIL/CEL shortly after:

Why does my 2004 Volvo Cem get corroded?

I finally Googled it myself under 2004 XC90 Issues and found this issue is way more common than what Volvo led me to believe. The CEM gets corroded because of water in the passenger compartment due to a plugged sunroof drain.