Why does my VW Vanagon not start up?

Why does my VW Vanagon not start up?

I owned a1984 and a 1991 vanagon ran them for years they have their good and bad point but I liked them did all my own work. I had a problem on one of these can’t remember which one, but it turned out to be the distributor, it has a Hall effect sensors and it would intermitantly stop switching.

How to diagnose the issue in Vanagons?

If the engine cranks or starts to crank, the problem is in the neutral safety switch. Try and take the shifter apart and clean the contacts. For testing purposes, these contacts can be bypassed. And if doing so still does not fix the no-crank issue, the problem is clearly NOT with these contacts. If this does not work, continue as follows:

What should I do if my Vanagons engine starts to crank?

Make sure the parking brake is set, and there is nothing and nobody in front of, or behind vehicle. If the engine cranks or starts to crank, the problem is in the neutral safety switch. Take the shifter apart and clean the contacts. For testing purposes, these contacts can be bypassed. If it fixes the problem, clean or replace the switch parts.

What kind of OBD do I need for VW Vanagon?

5 people found this helpful. will have OBD 1 but you still need to listen to jamnblues. 3 people found this helpful.

How does the starter work on a Vanagons?

The starter is actually an assembly that includes an electric motor and solenoid. The secondary starter circuit sends power to the solenoid, which in turn connects the primary electrical circuit to the electric motor itself, internally within the solenoid.

What kind of engine does a VW Vanagon have?

2.1 liter, 86-91 Rebuilt Volkswagen Waterboxer (Wasserboxer) engine, water cooled Vanagon, with flywheel. Core charges for the VW Vanagon engines are additional. Rebuildable cores may be returned freight prepaid to GEX for credit.

How much does a VW Vanagon pop top cost?

A good specimen of an air-cooled Vanagon pop-top will run between $2500 and $5000, but we recommend steering clear of any air-cooled Vanagon. 1982-1983 diesel-powered Vanagon: VW offered the Vanagon with the VW Rabbit water-cooled diesel engine for two (thank god) short years.

When was the last year the Vanagon was made?

Whereas the appearance of the Vanagon changed very little over the 12 years it was offered, mechanically they changed profoundly: 1980-1983: The Vanagon was introduced in 1980 with the same 2000cc EFI engine that was used in the last of the Buses.

Why are my spark plugs not working on my van?

If so you should either clean or replace your plugs and see what happens. Your plugs can become fouled by a rich running condition or oil filled oil (don’t do this either!) and the van will never start. If your plugs look good, then move on to the next step which is to test for spark.

What should I do if my van won’t start?

You can have someone crank the engine over and put your hand by the tail pipe to see if you feel any air coming out while the engine is cranking. If not remove the three bolts between the cat and the connector pipe and try to start the van that way. If it starts then remove and replace the cat with a new one.

Where is the neutral switch on a Vanagons?

If your vehicle has an automatic transmission, there is an “interrupting” switch involved, called a “neutral safety switch” located on the shifter itself. It is there so that the engine cannot be cranked unless the shifter is in P or N.

Why is my van stalling and not restarting?

Let’s start then with Lack of Spark as the normal, number one culprit to vans stalling and not restarting. This can be caused by a number of reasons however we first want to confirm that this is what is happening and then we can looking into why. Remove all of your spark plugs and visually inspect them.

When do you need to replace the ECU in Vanagon?

Many times it is the ECU that has failed and needs to be replaced. Any ECU from 86-91 will work in any other 2.1l Vanagon so if you have a friend nearby that is willing to let you borrow his ECU this is the best way to test. If you have to guess I would say that most of the time it is the ECU.