Why is my Volkswagen Eos key not turning?

Why is my Volkswagen Eos key not turning?

Why Won’t My Key Turn? What are common reasons my Volkswagen Eos key won’t turn? While there are a variety of reasons your Volkswagen Eos key won’t turn, the most common 3 are a binding steering column/lock, an ignition switch issue, or a problem with the ignition key.

Why is my steering wheel locked when I turn it off?

Insert the key into the ignition. Your steering wheel is likely locked because there was a bit of force on the wheel as you turned the car off last. Unlocking it will require using the ignition key in the same way you would when starting the vehicle.

What happens if you wiggle the ignition key?

Be careful not to apply too much pressure. Wiggling the key can make the key contact the pins from a different angle, which may allow you start the vehicle. If wiggling the key works, it means the teeth on the key are too worn to properly engage the pins. Replace the key as soon as possible if this works before the key stops working entirely.

Why does my car key not turn when I put it in the ignition?

If your key won’t turn when you insert it into the ignition, it may be because the key has been damaged and no longer engages the correct pins to the depth necessary to spin the cylinder. Examine the key for signs of excessive wear, rounding or broken teeth.

Why does my steering wheel not turn when I turn the key?

Turn the Steering Wheel The most common reason that a car key will not turn is that the steering wheel has locked. This will happen when the steering wheel has been moved after the key has been removed from the ignition cylinder. Turn the steering wheel to the right and left.

What should I do if my key won’t turn?

Your best bet to getting the car started tho is try to get the key as straight as possible and maybe pull it back a little and make sure the steering lock bar does not get in your way by holding the wheel dead center of where the lock hits between.

What causes a Mercedes Benz key to not turn?

List of common problems and possible solutions 1 Locked Steering Wheel. New drivers always experience this at least once, so we thought we would include it in this list. 2 Discharged Battery Undervoltage. 3 Key Tumbler Defective. 4 Defective Electronic Ignition/Switch System EIS / N73. 5 Smart Key Remote.

What kind of car is the 2008 VW EOS?

The 2008 Volkswagen Eos is one of the sturdiest four-seat convertibles we’ve ever driven, with ride and handling characteristics closer to those of a fixed-roof coupe than a typical longer-wheelbase drop-top.

What does it mean when your EOS won’t start?

The second way that your Eos won’t start is when the engine turns when you engage the starter, but it won’t fire and run on its own. When the engine isn’t turning over at all, that’s a bit easier to diagnose than when it is cranking but not firing. Just use the jump list below to move to your particular situation.

Is the VW EOS a convertible or hardtop?

Volkswagen has taken the trend a step further by integrating a glass sunroof into the top of its new four-seat convertible, the 2008 Volkswagen Eos. Hardtop advantages include a more finished, more coupe-like look and feel inside and out, while the downside is generally limited to a reduction in cargo volume when the top is stowed.

What are common reasons my Volkswagen Eos has air conditioning problems?

What are common reasons my Volkswagen Eos has air conditioning problems? While there are a variety of reasons your Volkswagen Eos air conditioning won’t work, the most common 3 are a refrigerant leak, an electrical climate control issue, or a problem with the air conditioning compressor. 37% of the time it’s

What to do if your VW won’t start?

There’s a much easier one, and it’s to reset it. First, you want to find out if the immobilizer is the problem. To do this, turn on the battery in your Volkswagen and see if the immobilizer warning light is flashing on your dash, most likely in your speedometer. It should look like an outline of a car with a key inside it.

What happens when you reset the Immobilizer on a VW?

After the keys are reset, the old metal key can still open the doors and start the engine but the immobilizer won’t let the engine run for more than 1 second. Because of this, when you reset the immobilizer, all keys must be present or else the old ones won’t work as intended anymore.

Where is the cover on an ignition lock cylinder?

On most vehicles, there is a plastic or metal cover on the ignition lock cylinder. Remove the small screw that holds this cover on, typically located on the bottom of the switch. Once the screw has been removed, carefully slide the cover off the ignition lock cylinder. Step 6: Remove the lock cylinder.

How to order car top cargo lock and key?

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Where is the release pin on an ignition switch?

The new or rebuilt switch should slide easily back into its hole on the steering column. Align the shape of the cylinder and the location of the release pin with the coinciding grooves in the ignition module.

What to do if your car key wont turn in the ignition?

As long as you can get your key out when your car key won’t turn in the ignition, you should be able to investigate the car key. Try a spare car key, and see if a different key will work. Compare the car key that won’t turn in the ignition. Look at the bitting on the blade of the key for any wear. Examine for any twists, bends, or breaks.

What happens when the ignition switch fails in a car?

When the electrical portion of the ignition switch fails, the vehicle will permanently or intermittently lose power to certain systems and components, depending on which positio… Read More

How can I get a new ignition key?

Depending on the vehicle, the dealership may be able to produce a new key using your vehicle’s VIN number. You will need to provide sufficient evidence of ownership of the vehicle. If a new key cannot be produced, you will need to purchase a new ignition module with matching key and have it installed.

How much does it cost to fix a 2009 Volkswagen Eos?

Worst 2009 Volkswagen Eos Problems #1: Timing Chain Broke 2009 Eos Average Cost to Fix: $3,100. Average Mileage: 115,000 mi #2: ABS Light On 2009 Eos Average Cost to Fix: $2,600. Average Mileage: 73,000 mi #3: Timing Chain Jump 2009 Eos Average Cost to Fix: $2,500. Average Mileage: 102,000 mi

What does misfire code p0303 mean on VW TSI?

What you want to do is take the ignition coil from any other cylinder, say cylinder 3, and swap it with the coil in cylinder 2. If the misfire code moves the new cylinder (P0303), that means it’s a bad ignition coil. If the misfire stays on cylinder 2 (P0302) that means it is not the ignition coil.