Will a cam increase torque?

Will a cam increase torque?

In many ways, cams can be compared to turbochargers in the way that each part may significantly influence the character of the engine. Increased power, increased torque, increased rpm potential and a broader powerband are just a few of the benefits that could result from choosing the right cam.

What’s the best cam for low end torque?

Under-220-degree cams have good low-end torque and driveability, and generally run fine through 5,500 rpm. Above 220 degrees, you start to trade-off driveability downstairs for power upstairs. Solid cams need about 810 degrees more 0.050 duration to have a comparable powerband in the same engine.

How do you check the timing on a gear backlash?

Turn the adjustment knob on the side of the dial indicator gauge until the gauge needle points to the “0” setting. Rock the ring gear back and forth with your hand while monitoring the gauge needle. The distance indicated on the gauge is the gear backlash.

How do you set the timing on a 3406b cat?

Remove the timing bolt from the flywheel and tool (B) from the fuel injection pump housing. Turn the flywheel clockwise (opposite the direction of normal engine rotation) a minimum of 45°. Now, turn the flywheel in the direction of engine rotation until timing pin (2) drops into slot of pump camshaft.

Where are the oil holes in a camshaft idler gear?

An internal oil passage, cast into the bull gear and camshaft idler gear hub relief at the rear of the hub indexes with these two oil holes to supply oil through a drilled passage to the two roller bearing assemblies.‪

Where is the idler gear on a bull gear?

The smaller camshaft idler gear is located behind the bull gear on the same carrier, and turns at the same speed as the bull gear. The camshaft idler gear drives an adjustable idler gear, mounted on a separate hub in the gear case. The adjustable idler gear drives the camshaft drive gear.

How do you remove the idler gear assembly?

Remove the bull gear and camshaft idler gear assembly as follows: 1. Remove the engine gear case cover. Refer to “1.10.2 Removal of Engine Gear Case Cover” . 2. Install J–35994 to the oil seal contact area of the crankshaft. See Figure “Bull Gear Guide Studs” . Figure 6. Bull Gear Guide Studs 3.