Are basement bars worth it?

Are basement bars worth it?

In short, a basement bar is supposed to enhance your living space, not encumber it. If you can’t set up a beverage station without disrupting the whole flow of your basement, then think twice about adding one to your underground lair.

How much does a basement bar cost?

The cost of adding a bar to a basement ranges from $500 to $20,000 or more.

How tall should a basement bar be?

Key Components for a Basement Bar Countertop/bar: The standard height and depth of a bar counter is 42” from the floor and 24” deep.

How can I save money by finishing my basement?

7 ways to save on your basement remodel

  1. Opt for an inexpensive, prefabricated egress window and well.
  2. Test exterior walls for moisture before finishing.
  3. Cut out some studs.
  4. Install drop ceilings.
  5. Skip the carpet and install luxury vinyl tile instead.
  6. Add a bathroom (or at least a half bath) near existing plumbing.

What is wet bar in basement?

A wet bar is basically a galley kitchen meets bar. It usually includes the common kitchen essentials: cabinetry, countertop, sink & faucet with various under counter appliances; all with the intention of serving family & friends. A basement wet bar can be designed as a compliment to the main space within the room.

How deep should a bartop be?

The dimensions of a typical bar are fairly standard. A finished bar height surface that works well for the average height person is 42 inches. The bar top should be at least 18 inches deep. 20 to 24 inches is better if you have the room.

How much room do I need for a bar?

Allow at least 36 inches between the bar and the back bar or wall. This is a bare minimum to allow a single bartender space. If constructing a large bar, where it is possible more than one person will be behind the bar, allow more space. The builder should also plan the electrical outlets and lighting for the bar.