Are there any class a RVs with Workhorse chassis?

Are there any class a RVs with Workhorse chassis?

There are some Class A RVs with the new Workhorse chassis but that has not had a long term influence. It was hoped that since 2015 the company would produce about 21,800 units each year but those plans seemed to have been shelved when the new owners took over. What Workhorse Chassis do I have? (How to find out)

Do you need lubricant for a RV chassis?

RV Chassis Lubricants. A motorhome chassis is made up of quite a few moving parts. Engines and transmissions that propel these large vehicles require lubrication to keep all of these moving parts operating in harmony. Chassis components also require lubrication.

When did the Chevrolet Workhorse chassis come out?

It is a very solid and sturdy chassis that was first put into production about 30 years ago. The then-current workhorse chassis was an upgrade of the old P30 and P32 chassis that were being used in a lot of RVs, trucks and so on.

Are there any problems with a Chevrolet workhorse RV?

Minor problems have involved bad or dirty ABS sensors, ABS indicator light malfunction and so on. One RV owner reported that their front right side brake was giving them a little difficulty. The cause of that could be a hose collapsing or that the wheel just gets too hot while on the road.

What’s the name of the Chevy workhorse RV chassis?

It is called W-15. It is possible that their new W-88 is put on some motorhomes but the details are sketchy at best. The W-88 is based on their old P series RV chassis but again, their website seems to be silent about that chassis use on RVs.

Which is better workhorse or Freightliner RV chassis?

The Freightliner, in some cases, produced up to 10.2 mpg while the workhorse only got about 7.2 mpg. Then the Workhorse equipped RV may be a bit more expensive than the Freightliner. Other RV owners preferred the Workhorse chassis as it gave them a better overall performance than the Freightliner did.

When did workhorse change to the W series?

Then in 2005, Workhorse again made changes to their chassis and started the W series. This series used 2 digits to indicate how many thousands of pounds the chassis could tow safely. Another design change had Workhorse putting leaf springs on all four corners of the chassis.

Are there any workhorse dealerships in the US?

There are supposed to be about 400 Workhorse dealerships around the nation but there is no word on if that number still holds true or not. The most recent news that has been found has been a Workhorse parts website dated to 2016 and an RV forum dated to 2017.