Are there any Regen lights on 2014 MaxxForce ProStar?

Are there any Regen lights on 2014 MaxxForce ProStar?

The truck has been solid with no regen lights or engine lights. I believe this is the last year International uses DPF without DEF. 2014 had some changes in the emissions compared to the 2010-2013 that had nothing but trouble for everyone.

Are there any recalls on 2017 International ProStar trucks?

Problem: Navistar, Inc. (Navistar) is recalling certain 2017 International ProStar, LoneStar, 9900i, and TranStar trucks. The affected vehicles have a metallic battery cover latch that may unlatch and contact the battery jump start stud, causing an electrical short to ground if the jump start stud is not covered. Recall Details

What kind of truck does MaxxForce ProStar have?

My buddy hirschbach buddy drives a 2015 prostar with isx15 450 hp, 10 sp ultrashift, and 2.64 rear axles. At non windy summer, he gets 9 mpg, loaded at 19k lbs, driving in Midwest, and driving 70 mph. HardlyWorkingNeverHome Thanks this.

When to replace a US Xpress ProStar truck?

US Xpress had a lot of ProStars in the fleet but they had too many coolant leaks. Normally they replace trucks at 300,000 miles but because the ProStar was a money pit they got rid of them much sooner. My buddy at Crete had numerous coolant leaks on his ProStar.

Is there a charge for MaxxForce ProStar?

There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. maxxforce engines currently have 28 lawsuits filed against it. costing companies to much money in down time.

What’s the pig tail on a MaxxForce ProStar?

The pig tail is the sensor that tells you you need to leave the key in the on position to heat the fuel in the fuel filter for 2minutes before cranking when it is cold outside. Any regen issues after that repair? the newer motors are forcing older drivers to learn progressive shifting.

Are there any 2014 ProStar trucks for sale?

Create a MyTrader account for free. 2014 INTERNATIONAL, PROSTAR, Heavy Duty Trucks – Conventional Day Cab Trucks, International N13, Manual, For sale is a Lease Return 2014 ProStar with 2014 INTL PROSTAR, PROSTAR SADC W/ISX, POWER WINDOWS & DOORS-HEATED & POWER MIRRORS-CRUISE…

Is there a lawsuit against Navistar MaxxForce engines?

This lawsuit is known as In re Navistar MaxxForce Engines Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation, Case No. 1:14-cv-10318.

Who is the company that makes MaxxForce engines?

Who Makes Maxxforce Engines? The company that made this engine is called International Truck and Engine but it is a subsidiary unit under the parent Navistar International. Before Navistar bought out International, the latter company had a stellar reputation for its trucks and motors.

What was the problem with the Navistar MaxxForce?

The settlement resulted from Navistar’s use of exhaust gas recirculation, or EGR, to control nitrous oxide emissions from its International brand of heavy-duty trucks equipped with 11- and 13-liter engines. The technology failed to meet federal emissions standards.

What kind of emissions does a Navistar MaxxForce engine meet?

If you owned or leased a Navistar 2011-2014 model year vehicle equipped with a MaxxForce 11- or 13-liter engine certified to meet EPA 2010 emissions standards without selective catalytic reduction technology, you could get a payment from a class action settlement.