Can a 13 speed Eaton Fuller be rebuilt?

Can a 13 speed Eaton Fuller be rebuilt?

We not only stock Eaton Fuller 13 speed heavy-duty transmissions in new and rebuilt options we also sell genuine Eaton Fuller transmission parts including rebuild kits, gears, bearing kits, synchronizers, seal kits, bearings, counter shafts, bell housings, input shafts and more. If you need your transmission rebuilt, we can help.

What kind of transmission does an Eaton rt-13 have?

With the Eaton RT-13, drivers will experience versatility and low shift effort in these premium 13-speed transmissions. The innovative, patented design features a simple mainshaft, which is not splined to the auxiliary gear.

How many progressive hi range does Eaton Fuller have?

Therefore, eight progressive HI range ratios can be obtained. When ordering be sure to have your Eaton Fuller transmission model available. The model number gives basic information about the transmission. The transmission model designation and other transmission identification information are stamped on the transmission tag.

When to use splitter on Eaton Fuller transmission?

It is used once during the upshift sequence and once during the downshift sequence. Always preselect the range shift. After preselection, the transmission will automatically make the synchronizer range shift as the shift lever passes through neutral. When in HI range the ratios can be split by using the Splitter Control Button.

How do you change a 9 speed to a 13?

To change a 9 speed to a 13, you add an overdrive splitter box onto the rear of the transmission, add a splitter button and air lines, and shorten the drive shaft. You do the opposite to make a 13 a nine. It won’t work with a 10 speed. You either have a 10 speed direct, or a 10 speed overdrive.

Are there any 13 speed Eaton Transmissions available?

13 Speed Eaton Fuller Transmissions For Sale With Same Day Shipping Available Worldwide! Eaton transmissions have been engineered to give you the competitive edge you desire.

How to shift 13 speed tractor trailer transmission?

This video explains how to shift the eaton fuller 13 speed transmission. The shift pattern is identical to the 9 speed pattern, however when in the high range you have the ability to split the gears into a low and high range. This is a very simple video. As soon as I come across another 9sp I will post a video showing the similarities. Loading…

Is the Eaton 13 speed splitter a problem?

Bought a truck a few months ago with an eaton 13 speed freshly rebuilt. The problem is that it splits in gear perfectly both up and down but if I try to split it while in neutral u just hear it grinding and I can’t get it in any gear without flipping it to the low side and back up again.

What kind of lubrication does Eaton Fuller transmission use?

Eaton Fuller transmissions are designed so that the internal parts operate in a bath of oil circulated by the motion of gears and shafts. Thus, all parts will be amply lubricated if these procedures are closely followed: 1.

What causes transmission to walk apart in Eaton Fuller?

Tapered or worn clutching teeth will try to “walk” apart as the gears rotate. Under the right conditions, slipout will result. Some of these conditions are: Transmission mounted eccentrically with engine flywheel pilot. Excessive gear clashing which shortens clutching teeth.