Can I keep driving when EPC light comes on?

Can I keep driving when EPC light comes on?

Can I Drive if the EPC Dashboard Warning Light Comes On? In most cases, it is ok to drive for a short amount of time after the EPC light comes on. However, it is best to get your vehicle to the closest VW service center, such as Lithia Volkswagen of Des Moines, because the problem could be significant.

What would cause the EPC light to come on?

The Electronic Power Control (EPC) warning light is an indication that there’s a problem with your vehicle’s throttle system (which could include the accelerator pedal, fuel injection throttle body, traction control or cruise control).

Can bad gas cause the EPC light to come on?

The EPC light is indicating a issue with your Electronic throttle either the Electronic gas pedal or electronic throttle body. I will recommend you have a shop pull fault codes and see if the Throttle body is functioning OK.

What does EPC mean on your dashboard?

Electric Power Control
The EPC warning light is one of several important dashboard warning lights that can be found on modern Volkswagen vehicles. EPC stands for Electric Power Control, and the light lets you know there is an issue with the throttle system or sensors in your vehicle.

What is a VW throttle body?

The Volkswagen Throttle Body regulates the amount of air that flows into the engine. It is located between the intake manifold and air filter box. They are connected together by throttle linkages to obtain a better throttle response. The Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) is used to control the minimum airflow during idle.

Is there no throttle at all and EPC light on?

NO THROTTLE AT ALL AND EPC LIGHT ON. HELP NEEDED ASAP! NO THROTTLE AT ALL AND EPC LIGHT ON. Hi as topic says my car has no power at all through the pedal. I was at a roundabout and went to pull out and the pedal went to the floor and no power at all.

Why does my EPC light keep coming on?

If the light is on there will be trouble codes associated with it. These trouble codes will usually tell you that there is a problem with one (or more) of these systems: Often the EPC light will come on due to a throttle body failure. Or, the throttle position sensor may have gone bad.

What does the EPC light mean on a VW?

What does the EPC light mean? The EPC warning light is a warning light that indicates a problem with your throttle system, including the throttle body, accelerator pedal, cruise control, or traction control. The Volkswagen EPC light often shows up with the Engine, ABS, or ESP Light, depending on where the problem is located.

What causes an EPC light on an Audi?

The most common causes of an EPC light on your Audi or VW is a faulty throttle body, a faulty ABS sensor, ABS ring or a faulty brake pedal switch. Here is a more detailed list of possible causes of the EPC Light. Throttle body failure; Bad ABS Sensor – Common on newer VW Passats; Failed brake pedal switch – Common problem on Golf 4 & Fabia