Can you give propofol io?

Can you give propofol io?

Two IO doses of propofol (1 mg/kg) were administered during the direct laryngoscopy to achieve a deeper plane of anesthesia. After completion of the airway examination, which required 15 min, the infant was transported to the pediatric ICU with the IO needle in place.

What Cannot be given through an IO?

Contraindications to IO insertion include fracture at or proximal to the insertion site, cellulitis or other infection overlying the insertion site, prior attempt at the insertion site, or bone disease such as osteogenesis imperfecta or osteopetrosis.

What medications can you give through an IO?

While all resuscitation drugs can be given by the IO route, administration of ceftriaxone, chloramphenicol, phenytoin, tobramycin, and vancomycin may result in lower peak serum concentrations. The most common adverse effect seen with IO use, extravasation, has been reported in 12% of patients.

What can be infused through an intraosseous line?

Intraosseous infusion is used in instances such as, “immediate indication/life-threatening emergency, cardiac/respiratory arrest, acute shock, hypothermia, obesity, edema, thermal injury, etc.” For children the preferred site of IO are the distal tibia, proximal tibia, and distal femur.

Can you run Levophed through an IO?

Administration through IO in the leg is permitted. : In the setting of tachydysrhythmia-induced cardiogenic shock, treat per Unstable Tachycardia protocol.

Can you run blood through an IO?

Blood can be aspirated with a syringe and sent for laboratory testing. Any medications that can be given through a peripheral or central line can be given through the IO route, and the dosing does not change.

Can nurses insert io?

RN’s, physicians or EMT-P’s may insert an IO device after they have completed instruction with clinical supervision. An order must be received to by a physician for a RN or EMT-P to insert an IO. 3. RN must place the IV fluid bag on either a pressure bag or use an IV pump for infusion.

Can you draw labs from an IO?

Labs drawn via IO Blood drawn from an IO can be used for type and cross, chemistry, blood gas. There is not good correlation with Sodium, Potassium, CO2, and calcium levels.

Is it safe to give blood via IO?

The answer is yes. Many of the IO device manufacturers have stated blood transfusion can be given via IO. Blood transfusion through the IO route was first described in the 1940s and reported to be safe and effective. 1,2.

How is IO access used in infusion therapy?

An old concept that is now getting more attention as an alternate access for infusion therapy in emergent and non-emergent situations. IO access uses the intraosseous space that contains thousands of non-collapsible intertwined blood vessels that absorbs any fluids.

How to infuse lidocaine through the IO line?

If patient is awake, slowly infuse 2% lidocaine (cardiac lidocaine) 2-3mL through the IO line (IO infusion is painful as the marrow cavity expands) Flush saline through extension set to expand marrow cavity (helps ensure adequate flow rates)

What can blood drawn from an IO be used for?

Labs drawn via IO Blood drawn from an IO can be used for type and cross, chemistry, blood gas. There is not good correlation with Sodium, Potassium, CO 2, and calcium levels. Potassium is often elevated due to hemolysis