Do you need a special tool to put on a serpentine belt?

Do you need a special tool to put on a serpentine belt?

You can replace a serpentine belt with ordinary hand tools.

What is a serpentine tool?

The serpentine belt tool kit makes it easy to precisely position idler pulleys and get belts set to the perfect tension. Fits idler pulleys requiring 15mm or 18mm hex or 3/8 in. or 1/2 in. square drives. Includes 13mm, 14mm, and 15mm crowfoot wrench.

What is a serpentine belt tool used for?

Most vehicles utilize a serpentine accessory belt, which powers items such as your power steering pump and alternator. The CRAFTSMAN® Serpentine Belt Tool provides the leverage and clearance needed to remove the tensioner pulley that holds the belt in place.

What to do if your serpentine belt is worn?

A worn or damaged serpentine belt can fail to adequately transfer the power, leaving your alternator, power steering, and air conditioning failing to function. If your serpentine belt needs to be replaced, it can be done using only common hand tools. Pull the hood release inside the cabin of the vehicle.

What kind of pulley does a serpentine belt use?

Determine if there is a belt tensioner pulley. Depending on the application, your serpentine belt will either have tension placed on it using a movable bracket or an auto tensioner pulley. This pulley uses an internal spring to apply consistent pressure to the belt at all times.

What does the serpentine belt on an R53 MCs do?

Discussion (0) The serpentine belt on your R53 MCS is a critical component in the engine. It passes power from the motor to the air conditioning compressor to keep you comfortable, the alternator to keep your electrics running and to the supercharger, to give you a boost of power.

Where do I find the serpentine belt routing diagram?

Find the serpentine belt routing diagram. Many cars come with a sticker in the engine bay that shows exactly how the serpentine belt is supposed to be routed through the various pulleys on the engine. If your vehicle does not have a sticker, you will need to find another way to remember how the belt should be run.