Do you still need reservations for Soak City?

Do you still need reservations for Soak City?

Reservations are still required to visit Knott’s Berry Farm and Knott’s Soak City Waterpark, but we have some important updates! If you are visiting Knott’s Berry Farm, you will no longer need to select an entry time, just a date.

How much does Soak City tickets cost?

TICKETS: Knott’s Soak City general admission for adults is $28.99. For children between ages 3-11 or for seniors 62+ admission is only $17.99. If you want to save a few dollars, pre-purchase your tickets online, print them at home, and knock off $5 (for adult tickets only).

Can I go to Knott’s without a reservation?

Reservations are no longer required for any guest, but you are encouraged to purchase tickets or Season Passes online in advance for your visit.

Is Soak City still open?

Soak City is open mid-May through early-September.

Can babies go to Soak City?

Luckily, Soak City has plenty of baby and toddler sized life jackets for you to use or no extra cost. Many toddlers love to sit with an adult in an inner tube and float around the lazy river. After two times around, my little one was so relaxed.

Will Knott’s Soak City Open?

Knott’s Berry Farm, Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel, select locations in the California Marketplace and Knott’s Soak City remain temporarily closed until further notice. Our Knott’s 100th Anniversary: A Knott’s Family Reunion event will be postponed to 2021.

Do I need to take towels to Soak City?

A swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen are necessities when visiting Soak City. Beyond that, there are some items that will help make the day go by seamlessly. Pack a medium-sized bag that will fit your essentials and fit inside one of the lockers available for rent at Soak City.

Can you take snacks to Soak City?

The following items are not permitted inside the park: large coolers, food, beverages, glass, pop-up shade structures, play pens or tents. Whistles, radios and mega phones are prohibited. Small hand held coolers not exceeding 12”x18” in size will be allowed that contain water and sports drinks only.