Does the Nissan Cube have cruise control?

Does the Nissan Cube have cruise control?

A panoramic glass sunroof, reversing camera, cruise control, speed limiter, steering wheel controls and a Bluetooth hands-free system all come fitted as standard.

Where can I buy a Nissan Cube in Japan?

In Japan, it is exclusive to Japanese Nissan dealerships called Nissan Red Stage locations. It is a slightly larger load-carrying alternative to the Nissan Micra hatchback. Since 2014, the Cube has once again been sold only in Japan. The Cube will be discontinued in Japan in December 2019.

When did the Nissan Cube come out in the US?

The Nissan Cube is a Subcompact car produced by carmaker Nissan since 1998. Initially sold only in Japan, the Cube was sold in North American markets from 2009 to 2014, and in European markets from 2009 to 2011.

What kind of styling does a Nissan Cube have?

The updated model has more rounded and curved styling in the rear bumper area, in the asymmetrical rear window which wraps around to the passenger side, and in the driver and front-passenger windows. The tailgate is side-hinged to swing open like a door, rather than upward like a hatch.

What’s the down side of a Nissan Cube?

About the only down side of the cabin is that up close, the materials and plastics can look a little cut-rate in places—around edges and such.

What kind of car is the Nissan Cube?

The Nissan Cube is a subcompact car produced by Nissan since 1998 but only sold in North America from 2009-2014. All three generations of the Nissan Cube featured a 5-door hatchback body style with both Front Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive layouts.

Do you really not care if you buy a Nissan Cube?

Does NIssan really not care if a woman gets stuck in a parking lot at 11 PM because her Cube won’t start when the steering column lock fails without warning? Instead of fooling around with faux phone calls and emails masquerading as customer service, Nissan should just say they don’t care if people buy their cars or not.

When did I buy a 2009 Nissan Cube?

I purchased my 2009 Cube in July of 2009. I now have 10,500 miles on it. Recently, on a trip to view the Fall colors, I noticed a surging feeling when going over 50 mph. It was like every 10 seconds, the RPM’s would rev between the 2 and 3 on the dial.

When did Nissan Cube get a service bulletin?

The “goodwill review” I was promised resulted in a blanket denial of coverage from a csr who stated that a service bulletin only covers one replacement, which was supposedly done in 2011. Maybe it was replaced, but the lock failed again, so what difference does that make?