How big is the fan on a Caterpillar C15?

How big is the fan on a Caterpillar C15?

Off of Cat C15 Serial# LEE17320 in Emission Truck, Multiples available 11 Blade, 32″ w/2.5 Pilot USED CATERPILLAR C13 11 BLADE ENGINE FAN MEASURES 32 INCHES FROM END TO END fan has no damage .9 blade. 30 inches across ENGINE COOLING FAN 32″ DIA 2.56″ 5900, 660,9900, PRO

How many horsepower does a CAT C-15 engine have?

The 14.6L engine had a power range from 335 Hp to 550 Hp. The 15.8L engine was from 575 Hp to 600 Hp. In 1999 CAT changed the electronics system to the newer design that’s used in the C-15 and C-16, but still called them 3406E Models, because they didn’t change the block structure or the way it seals at the gaskets.

What kind of camshaft does a Caterpillar C-15 have?

800 HP Marine Camshaft Swap – 14.6L Caterpillar 6NZ C-15 Diesel Engine – Peterbilt 379 EXHD – YouTube Swapping out the stock 6NZ camshaft for the 10R7155 cam, better known as the 800 horsepower marine cam. Startup is at 12:23, with a short ride after that. In…

What was the code for the Peterbilt 379 fan?


Where is the fan on a Peterbilt 379?

If nothing can be seen with the service tool, you most likely have a faulty fan control solenoid, fan hub, or broken fan control wire that runs from the engine ECM. It is on pin 11. Basically, the ECM sends out 12 volts on pin 11 whenever the ECM wants the fan off. When the ECM wants the fan on, it removes the 12 volts from pin 11.

What kind of engine does a Peterbilt 379 have?

Vocational, Technical or Tra… 2002 379 pete c15 6nz cat .engine will not start without either . has new fuel pump new injectors new cam and crank sensors new engine wiring harness new check valves new filter housing, new ecm. Has … read more

How to play Cat C15 fan clutch and switch?

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What is the horsepower of a cat C15 diesel engine?

The Cat ® C15 Industrial Diesel Engine is offered in ratings ranging from 354-433 bkW (475-580 bhp) @ 1800-2100 rpm.

Is the Caterpillar C15 available in a glider kit?

The classic Cat yellow brings a sense of reliability and durability to those who ride with it under their hood. Give us a call, and see how you can get one of these in your next Fitzgerald Glider Kit. The Caterpillar C15 is currently available for install in most kits we offer. However it will increase build time due to availability.

What kind of industries are powered by C15 engines?

Industries and applications powered by C15 engines include: Agriculture, Ag Tractors, Aircraft Ground Support, Bore/Drill Rigs, Chippers/Grinders, Combines/Harvesters, Compactors/Rollers, Compressors, Construction, Cranes, Crushers, Dredgers, Forestry]

Where can I find a cat C15 belt diagram?

Cat C15 Belt Diagram · C15 Cat Engine Belt Diagram · Cat C15 Engine Belt Diagram · Cat C15 Belt Diagram · C15 Cat Engine Belt Diagram. Just do a search on google. ( v-6 Isuzu alternator belt diagram) There are plenty of diagrams showing the belt routing.

Which is belt routing diagram does caterpillar use?

Peterbilt cat c15 serpentine belt also caterpillar c12 belt diagram also c13 wiring diagram furthermore c15 belt diagram peterbilt also cat c13 belt routing diagram in addition c15 engine diagram further cat c12 belt diagram furthermore mitsubishi pajero 3 0 2 specs and images in addition d8 cat c15 belt diagram also stats.

What is the coolant temp in a Peterbilt 379?

The engine coolant temperature is greater than 102 °C (216 °F). There is an active diagnostic code for the coolant temperature sensor. There is an active diagnostic code for the intake manifold air temperature sensor and boost pressure is greater than 70 kPa (10 psi). The intake manifold air temperature is greater than 87 °C (189 °F).

Why does my engine fan keep coming on when the a / C is off?

You could have a bad high press switch on the A/C. Thats the swtich that will turn the fan on when the A/C is on and say your not moving to get air flow. Unplug the swtich and put a jumper wire on it and if the fan stops you found your porblem. They can go bad and make the fan stay on even with the A/C off.

Why does the ECM keep the fan on?

the best thing is take it to the dealer have them hook it up and see why the ecm is holding the fan on. The ecm sends power to the solenoid to shut the fan off. Dont rule out the a/c if the expansion valve gets pluged it will hold pressure for a long time which can keep the fan on. tkilby Thanks this. Having a great time with TMC.

What to do if your radiator cooling fan Wont Stop Running?

Remove the lid. Look on the inside of the lid and for the mapping of the fuses and relays with their location. Pull the cooling fan relay out of the box. Replace the cooling fan relay with a new one. A stuck closed relay is the only thing that can operate the cooling fan continuously with the key off.