How do I find old draft cards?

How do I find old draft cards?

Locating Originals: The original draft cards are held by each state’s National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Regional Branch. All of these cards are also available on microfilm from the Family History Library (FHL) and/or NARA.

What birthdays were called in the Vietnam draft?

On December 1, 1969, the Selective Service System of the United States conducted two lotteries to determine the order of call to military service in the Vietnam War in the year 1970, for men born from January 1, 1944 to December 31, 1950.

How do I find my military draft number?

Your number is on the registration card that was sent to you by mail shortly after you registered. If you can’t find the card, you can use the Selective Service’s online database to access your number. You can also call their hotline number and follow the prompts.

How long did the Vietnam War draft last?

The last draft call was on December 7, 1972, and the authority to induct expired on June 30, 1973. The date of the last drawing for the lottery was on March 12, 1975. Registration with the Selective Service System was suspended on April 1, 1975, and registrant processing was suspended on January 27, 1976.

Can you burn a draft card?

Burning draft cards was a criminal offense Furthermore, after Congress adopted the Draft Card Mutilation Act of 1965 to promote the efficient operation of the Selective Service System and preempt venues of resistance, it became a criminal offense knowingly to destroy or mutilate one’s draft card.

When were draft cards first issued?

The first, on June 5, 1917, was for all men between the ages of 21 and 31. The second, on June 5, 1918, registered those who attained age 21 after June 5, 1917. (A supplemental registration was held on August 24, 1918, for those becoming 21 years old after June 5, 1918.

Was there a draft for Vietnam?

The draft in the Viet Nam era was a lottery, with low numbers being called first. Young men registered with Selective Service (as they do today) and were given draft cards with their number on it. High number, less likely to be drafted. Also, when protesting the war, many young men burned their draft cards.

What was the draft lottery in Vietnam?

The reason for the lottery of 1969 was to address perceived inequities in the draft system as it existed previously, and to add more military personnel towards the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War had arisen from a series of conflicts dating back to the early stages of French colonialism and Japanese occupation of Vietnam in World War II. Nov 7 2019

What was the draft lottery during the Vietnam War?

Draft lottery (1969) – the system whereby the United States conscripted soldiers during the Vietnam War NHL Draft Lottery – a lottery to determine the order of the teams for the first fifteen selections in the NHL Entry Draft WWE Draft Lottery – Wrestlers are picked “randomly” to compete on the other competing WWE Brand .

What were the draft numbers for the Vietnam War?

It was about 850,000 men were in the draft during the Vietnam war. With the draft lottery the first third picked was drafted and were sent to Vietnam. The middle group of the draft was between the numbers 120 and 240 they had a fifty fifty chance of getting drafted the next year.