How do I promote Jaha to Baron?

How do I promote Jaha to Baron?

He becomes even better when promoted with the Warrior Pride to Baron. As a Baron he can use swords as well as axes, making him more versatile he will also gain a +1 to his MOV. If he misses a bit of the action he’ll soon drop behind….The Shining Force: Jaha.

Name: Jaha
Promotion: Gladiator (GLDT) / Baron (BRN)

What does warrior pride do in Shining Force 2?

Promotes a Warrior into a Baron. Warrior Pride is a secret item in the game Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing.

What does the shining ball do in Shining Force 2?

Items which can only be used in battles, and where to find them. Click on these icons to view location screenshots….Shining Ball.

Purpose: To cause up to 20HP damage with a special attack
Use on: Any monster in battle
Location: Battle #19 (on the way to the Harpy Pool)

Where is the secret book in Shining Force 2?

the Elven Town
The Secret Book is one of the secret items from Shining Force II that can be used to promote a character to a special new class. It will promote a Mage into a Sorcerer, instead of a Wizard. You find the Secret Book at the Elven Town. You go into the Elven Town go into the two-story building.

How do you get the Achilles sword in Shining Force 2?

Achilles Sword Ribble, in the chest in the ruins beneath the tree. See “Wooden Panel” for how to access this area. This is the only weapon that can damage Taros, and is also the item you need to interest Rohde. Without it you cannot get the Caravan.

Where is the Pegasus wing in Shining Force 2?

The Pegasus Wing is one of the secret items from Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing that can be used to promote a Knight into a Pegasus Knight, instead of a Paladin. You find the Pegasus Wing at the Pacalon Castle.

How do you get Skreech in Shining Force 2?

Once you’ve spoken with King Bedoe and God Volcanon, make sure you speak to the chick on the ledge outside the 3rd floor. Then, when you are about to leave, wander around the bushes on the left of the screen, stand imbetween two of them and a small bird will fall on you. That’s Skreech.

How do you get Karna in Shining Force 2?

Karna is one of the four characters you can choose from at Creed’s Mansion, however if you don’t choose her you can return to recruit her (and the other two you turned down) by returning to Creed’s after Frayja opens the gate of Moun. She’s a Priest and therefore uses healing spells, with one exception – Blast.

What is wooden panel for Shining Force 2?