How do you adjust a front camber kit?

How do you adjust a front camber kit?

To adjust the front camber to get some negative camber, loosen the top mount bolt and push on the top of the tire, then tighten the bolt while the tire is there. The reason you have positive camber is because you had the car in the air when you tightened all the bolts. Get a camber kit and get it aligned.

Do you need to adjust the camber on a Mercedes Benz?

Don’t know on your car. On most cars where the camber cannot be adjusted, the factory parts are supposed to have the camber within range – no adjustment needed. I doubt your issue is camber. Did you find the recommended reading relevant to this discussion?

How do you adjust camber on a tire?

Slide the tire off and set it aside. Do not loosen the camber gauge. Small metal shims are needed to do any camber adjustment. Loosen the upper control arm where it meets the shock tower. Place a 1/32 inch shim for every 1/2 degree of camber that is needed. Tighten the upper control arm and replace the tire.

What kind of bolts are used to adjust camber?

Stock suspensions may feature cam bolts, eccentric washer bolts, turn-buckle joints, or shim adjustments. The control arms, top and bottom yellow parts, are usually adjusted by cam bolts or eccentric-washer bolts to effect camber and caster changes. RB30DE / Wikimedia Commons

Is there a way to adjust the camber on a fourm?

I think there are how to posts somewhere on a fourm I have seen, but you still need someone to align it because the average person has no way to measure the camber angle. The bolts themselves are only like $30 each even from the dealer. Cheaper elsehwere I’m sure. What exactly they consist of I am not sure.

What do I need to do a camber adjustment?

Some vehicles have a built-in offset bolt that will help with camber adjustment. You need to loosen the non-camber bolt on the control arm first with an impact wrench. Then loosen the control arm bolts with two wrenches. Be very careful not to loosen these bolts too much.

How much does it cost to install front camber on a Mercedes?

The bolts themselves are only like $30 each even from the dealer. Cheaper elsehwere I’m sure. What exactly they consist of I am not sure. I have not looked under there since they were installed. Andy – it’s pretty clear this is not a DIY task.

How often should I check the camber of my car?

Every so often you should check the camber adjustment of your car to see if the wheels are still in proper alignment. The camber of the vehicle determines how much the wheels are tilted either inside or out. A small variation can severely affect the way the car handles and the tires wear.

Is the camber on a Mercedes Benz under warranty?

My car is still under warranty, but needed camber bolts to be aligned. MB will not cover it under warranty. Having an undamaged car that cannot be aligned within factory specs without the addition of parts not included from the factory is not a warranty issue? You gotta be kidding.