How do you bleed a Mitsubishi Canter?

How do you bleed a Mitsubishi Canter?

Fill the master cylinder, then have an assitant “pump up” the brake pedal. Tell them to hold it down firmly, then open the bleeder on the wheel cylinder(s). Do not release the brake pedal until you have closed the bleeder valve again. You’ll know when the air is out – there won’t be any more bubbles.

Is Mitsubishi Fuso a good truck?

Mitsubishi FUSO offers great reliability, resulting in far lower maintenance costs than its competitors. In fact, in a recent study by NationalLease, FUSO maintenance costs were 11% less than Isuzu.

How many gears does a Fuso have?

Specification – CANTER (GVW: 3.5t ā€“ 4.5t)

Clutch Hydraulic Control with Power Booster, Coil Spring Type, Single Dry Plate
Gearbox 5-Speed Manual
Steering System Hydraulic Power Steering
Min. Turning Radius m 4.5

What weight is a Mitsubishi Canter?

Sixth generation

Model (Europe) Canter 35 (Canter 55?)
Gross weight 3.5 t 5.5 t
Payload (estimated) 1.5 t
Engine (Europe) 4M40/41/42
Transmission (standard) 5-speed manual

What kind of transmission does 2014 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter have?

2014 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter, the transmission shifted into neutral will driving and will not shift to anything but park. The scanner did not pull any codes. I have an amber tm sys light on the dash.

What to do when your Mitsubishi Fuso does not go off?

If the indications appear when the engine is started, do not drive the vehicle until they have gone off. If you wait a while but the indications do not go off, contact an authorized MITSUBISHI FUSO distributor or dealer. To place the gearshift lever in the ā€œNā€ position.

What are the dimensions of a 2012 canter truck?

2012 Canter FE/FG Product Overview FE125 (FEC52S) FE160 (FEC72S) FE160 Crew Cab (FEC72W) FE180 (FEC92S) FG4X4 (FGB72S) GVWR (lbs.)12,500 15,995 17,995 14,050 FGAWR (lbs.)5,360 6,390 6,390 6,390 5,730 RGAWR (lbs.)9,880 12,700 12,700 12,700 9,480 Front Axle Capacity (lbs.)5,735 6,835 6,835 6,835 6,175 Rear Axle Capacity (lbs.)9,925 13]