How do you install a clutch cable on a motorcycle?

How do you install a clutch cable on a motorcycle?

Trace the path of the cable to the lever and run through all the brackets the old cable used, securing it into place. After you’ve pushed the cable through the perch groove, you should hand tighten the adjuster but do nothing with the lock nut for now.

What’s the slack in the clutch cable on a motorcycle?

Take up the slack in the cable that leads to the clutch lever. Turn the adjuster at the lever counterclockwise until there’s just a small amount of slack of around 1/8 inch at most. Finish by tightening the locking nut before you put the clutch cover plate back on.

What kind of clutch do I need for my bike?

ALL BIKES ! EFM is the original auto clutch manufacturer. Whether you have an American or Metric, Street or Dirt, Cruiser or Crotch Rocket, Stock or Custom, EFM has the clutch for you. Read more about our Auto clutches below and then give us a call so we can get you set up with the benefits offered by our American Made Clutches!

How does the EFM auto clutch work on a motorcycle?

The EFM Auto Clutch allows the rider to take off and stop simply by using the throttle and with out touching the clutch lever. Smooth acceleration and stopping with out the worry of stalling the motorcycle.

Do you need to change the clutch on a Japanese bike?

In addition, if you slip the clutch a lot as you engage it you can burn the plates a bit. All this is not good for the clutch and sooner or later you are going to need new plates. Most of the Japanese bikes have a wet plate clutch. This means the clutch runs in a bath of oil. Dry plate clutches run dry with no oil.

What to do when your clutch does not release on a motorcycle?

You pull the clutch lever in but the plates will not disengage. About 60-70% of the time you can get them to release by running the bike up to 15-20 MPH and locking up the rear brake while you hold the clutch lever in (disengaged).

Can a clutch cable be adjusted on a motorcycle?

After you have made this adjustment, adjust the clutch cable keeping at least a little free play in the cable. Remember, on some bikes, the only adjustment is the free play of the clutch cable. Depending on the bike, the cable can be adjusted on both ends and in the center somewhere, only on both ends or only on one end.

How do you remove clutch plates on a motorcycle?

Now remove the the clutch plates. On some clutches you pull the plates and the inner clutch basket as a unit after removing the nut or circlip holding it on. On others, you remove an outer clutch plate/spring carrier and then pull out the plates individually. There may be large rubber rings or large flat spring like things between the plates.