How do you replace springs on a cbr125 Commuterlite?

How do you replace springs on a cbr125 Commuterlite?

Cutting the front springs. This was done by placing the springs in a vice and measuring 100mm from the tightly wound end. A packer was put in to replace this length. To do this correctly you should have the bike put on a dyno and tested. Follow the guide on “building a commuterlite”.

What kind of oil does a Honda cbr125 take?

After 2010 the CBR125 have wider wheels. Use 20W fork oil and a 25mm to 35mm spacer to increase spring rate. Rear suspension unit can be modified/changed but it is ok-ish if it’s in good condition. The adjustable YSS and Elka shocks made for the CBR125 are a improvement but are expensive.

What kind of bike is the cbr125 Commuterlite?

The bike I was able to get was a 2007 Honda CBR125 that I found on gumtree. It had been in a front end and left side accident. On inspection it appeared that it was mostly fine. Front wheel turned out to be buckled, as did the front disc and axle. The lower triple clamp also needed replacing.

Is there a professional class for a cbr125?

There are now two grades of riders Amateur and Pro. giving a progression path for riders to improve to Pro status and Pro riders to move up to Superlites, Motolites or the historic classes, P6 125s and the increasingly popular 250cc production class (mostly Honda CBR250RR) being the popular choices there.

What happens if you drop a Honda CBR125R?

Should you drop or crash your bike, your end can is likely to be scraped – how ever when an R&G exhaust protector is correctly placed on the exhaust the damage to your exhaust is likely to be greatly reduced.

What kind of Bar End protector do I need for Honda CBR125R?

These bar end protectors are suitable for the Honda VFR1200 2010 onwards models and the CBR125R. Please be aware this kit requires the use of OEM bolts to secure the bar end to the clip-on. These Bar End Sliders are suitable for Gilles and Driven, clip ons (Plain) Bars.

What is the rear end of a Honda CB125R made of?

Radically tidy up the rear end of the Honda CB125R ’18- & CB300R ’19- models with this R&G Tail Tidy. Its stainless steel and matte black powder coated construction and design ensure long-lasting durability and performance.

Where do you put the are & g indicator on a bike?

R&G LED Micro Indicators (turn signals) can be used on the front or rear of the bike. If you are fitting these indicators to an R&G Tail Tidy then you may need R&G indicator adaptors. In some cases, after fitting these indicators, you may find that they flash too fast or too slow.