How do you unfreeze diesel fuel?

How do you unfreeze diesel fuel?

In order to Thaw Frozen Fuel Filters:

  1. Remove filters.
  2. Empty any liquid or gel.
  3. Fill fuel filters with 50% CleanBoost® Diesel Rescue Emergency De-Gel™
  4. Fill the remaining 50% with diesel fuel.
  5. Re-install fuel filters.
  6. Start engine and allow to idle until warm.

Can you Ungel diesel?

Gel point is the temperature at which diesel or biodiesel fuel freezes solid and can no longer flow by gravity or be pumped through fuel lines. For the fuel to become pumpable again, it needs to be brought above the gel point temperature to the Ungel point, which is typically near its pour point.

How long does it take diesel fuel to gel?

For fuel to flow properly, the fuel temperature must be above the pour point. When fuel has gelled, pushing the vehicle or equipment into a garage for several hours may temporarily fix the gelling issue. Indoors, it takes eight to 10 hours or a full day to resolve a gelling problem.

What happens if you use old diesel?

The lubricity of the diesel leads to internal vehicle damage: Now that this diesel fuel no longer has the lubricity it once had, the acidic nature and thickness of the fuel will begin to adversely affect the fuel pump, diesel injectors, and engine and may not even be able to start your engine if bad enough.

What’s the best way to fix gelled diesel?

Steps on How to Fix Gelled Diesel Fuel. 1. Pour enough dosage of Sno-Cat™ into the fuel tank. A good ratio is roughly an ounce to every 10 gallons of fuel remaining in the gelled tank. Using this much is usually not needed if you only want to prevent your fuel from gelling.

When does gelling occur in a diesel engine?

Gelling occurs when the temperature of the fuel drops so low that wax naturally occurring in the diesel begins to crystallize. You can undo diesel fuel gelling once it has happened, although it is preferable to keep it from occurring at all.

When does kerosene gel in a diesel engine?

Kerosene is a fuel similar to diesel; however, it has less wax and does not begin to gel until the temperature is lower than that of diesel fuel. If your diesel fuel has already gelled, and temperatures are below minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit, this amount should suffice.

How does re-liquefying gelled diesel fuel work?

All you have to do is follow the instructions. It instantly goes to work on re-liquefying gelled diesel fuel. It thaws out frozen fuel filters (that are mostly filled with ice, water and gelled fuel). It prevents fuel filter icing while removing water from the fuel system.