How much does it cost to replace a motor in a Volkswagen Jetta?

How much does it cost to replace a motor in a Volkswagen Jetta?

If the shop charges $100 per hour the cost will be between $1400 – $1750.

How much does a Volkswagen engine cost?

Q: How much money does a used Volkswagen engine cost? A: Depending on the year and model, used Volkswagen engines usually cost between $300 and $2000.

How much does it cost to change the engine?

Unfortunately, replacing an engine often costs more than the vehicle’s worth. On average, you’re looking at $4,000 to $5,000 dollars to replace a 4 cylinder engine. This price is likely to go up with a V6 or V8 engine. And, figures tend to range based on the complexity of a job and the performance of a vehicle.

How much does it cost to rebuild a VW engine?

Engine Rebuilding

Type I Rebuild Prices, 2019 (Beetle, Ghia, Thing, Type III, Transporter through 1971)—Typical price, stock rebuild, including installation: $3000 – 3500
Basic engine rebuild, stock 1600cc, normal parts, machining & labor $3000
Head cores $150
Crankcase core $275
Clutch kit $250

How much does it cost to repair a Volkswagen Jetta?

Volkswagen Jetta Repair & Maintenance Estimates. The estimated cost to maintain and repair a Volkswagen Jetta ranges from $80 to $3388, with an average of $251. Skip the repair shop – our mechanics come to you. Get a quote for your Volkswagen Jetta · Book an appointment · Get your car fixed at your home or office.

What kind of service does a VW Jetta need?

Oil changes may be the most frequent service every car needs, but the following services reflect the most common needs of the Volkswagen Jetta. Excellent Auto Repair Ratings. “Finding a trusted mechanic at a reasonable price can be extremely difficult. With YourMechanic you can skip the auto shop altogether.

How much does it cost to replace timing belt on Jetta?

But overall, you should know that VW Jetta timing belt replacement is a fairly expensive job in the grand scheme of things. On average, VW Jetta owners tend to pay anywhere from just under $700 to more than $800 to replace the timing belts in their cars. The parts only cost right around $250, but it’s the labor that will get you.

How long has the VW Jetta been around?

The Volkswagen Jetta has been around for more than 40 years now. If you’re the proud owner of one, you should make sure that you do everything it takes to keep your VW Jetta humming along for many years to come. One of the ways in which you can do this is by taking good care of your engine.