How much does it cost to replace a semi truck engine?

How much does it cost to replace a semi truck engine?

Class 8 engine overhaul prices can vary greatly depending on factors such as engine make, overhaul level, and the shop that will perform the engine work. Typically, certified engine overhauls range anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000.

Is a DT DT466 a good engine?

Reliable but quite gutless. DT466 engines were surely one of the BEST ever in medium duty sized trucks. Mechanical engines,very reliable. The Navistar people that took that engine design with them on the breakup of IHC years ago, very smart.

How much does an International DT466 diesel engine cost?

2007 International DT466 Diesel Engine, 225HP. Approx. 311K Miles. All Complete and Run Tested. $3,995.00 with Exchange. Serial Number: 1995-2007, LATE MODELS, 175-250HP, USED & REBUILT! We carry a large quantity of used & rebuilt truck engine assemblies.

How many horsepower does a DT466 engine have?

International Model: DT-466 Serial: 466434900 Date of manufacture: 2008 Engine family: DT-466 Engine total distance: 262,215 Advertised horsepower: 255 HP Visit for more information about this item an many more other diesel engines. Call (305) 456-7209 Contact us for test video.

When was the DT466 diesel added to Loadstar?

Later in the year, it became available in the Cargostar (COE) and Paystar. The DT466 was added to the Loadstar options list in the summer of 1976 as a premium upgrade over the naturally aspirated D150, D170 and D190 9.0L V8 diesels. The DT466 was more powerful, economical and reliable than the big V8 diesels and it could be overhauled in chassis.

How much does a DT466 in frame cost?

In-frames can be done for under $6k, it’s a wet sleeve block that gives you that advantage. Most DT466’s are under 250 HP, and the models with electronic fuel injection of that era were designated DT466E. The ’95 probably has mechanical fuel injection, and would be of lesser HP.