How to fix tailgate lock on VW Touran?

How to fix tailgate lock on VW Touran?

1. Removed panels and locked door lock… nothing happened but handle and fob does not work 3. Checked micro-switch on handle, if held for 5 seconds and released, sometimes it would release the lock but not always 4. Pressing / moving wiring had no effect on operation or door release.

Is there an issue with my VW Touran?

Issue: 1. I have a 2005 VW Touran with a tailgate locking issue. 1. Issue started in winter last year, resolved during the summer and is now back 2. The tailgate handle does not work nor does the key fob button 3. The tailgate lock – self unlocks intermittently whilst doors are not deadlocked

Can a faulty tailgate lock cause a problem?

Sometimes they get sticking on the pivots and can cause such problems – but other than that , its generally a faulty lock or solenoid ( that works / shoots the lock ) So you need to work through as above to trace this one down… It will be one or the other – but thats the way to trace it down for sure… then repair as found.

What was the problem with my 2007 VW Touran?

VW Touran door lock problem – YouTube 2007 VW Touran. Broken near-side rear door lock. Dead locked and jammed. Door could not be opened from inside or outside. 4 year old car, is this a common pr… 2007 VW Touran. Broken near-side rear door lock. Dead locked and jammed.

Why is the boot on my 06 Touran not closing?

The boot our own 06 Touran won’t lock. Symptoms are that when I use the keyfob to lock the car there are no noises from the boot, and the lock mechanism won’t click into place in the locked position when I try to move it with my fingers – it just rolls/rotates back to the unlocked position.

Why are my door locks on my VW not working?

There are several things that can cause your Volkswagen door locks to quit working. Most of the time, the fix is simple, but some problems may require the assistance of a professional mechanic. Here is some information to help you determine what’s gone wrong with your VW power door locks. Shop OEM VW door locks online here.