How to get replacement keys for a mobility scooter?

How to get replacement keys for a mobility scooter?

In order to get your mobility scooter keys replaced, you need to know a few things about your scooter such as: Once you have these 3 things, you can call the company that sold you your mobility scooter to get the replacement.

What happens if you lose your car keys and have no spare?

This does not only apply to car keys, but to house keys and commercial building keys as well. It is one thing to say “I lost my car keys” and it is a completely different thing to say you have lost your car keys and you have no spare. For the latter, you will most likely be locked out of your car and unable to drive it.

What happens if I dont key in my KrisFlyer number?

Missed out on logging in or keying the KrisFlyer number of your Redemption Nominees or traveling party during your booking, fret not! You can still key in the KrisFlyer number when you manage your booking. If your flight is completed, you can also claim for missing miles after the flight as long as it’s within six months of the flight’s completion.

What should I do if I forgot my car keys?

Take the time to search your immediate area again until you are completely sure that your keys are lost. There is always the chance that you placed them down somewhere and simply forgot where they were. In situations like this, it helps to look in locations that might seem unlikely.

What to do if you lost your mobility scooter key?

That’s exactly what happened to our recent customer who ordered a mobility scooter with a key that is required to turn the unit on. She called our customer service line frantically saying “I lost my keys and I need a replacement set for my mobility scooter!” so we quickly and efficiently helped her get the replacement.

Where can I get a new set of Scooter keys?

SIGN UP FOR SPECIAL OFFERS AND PROMOTIONS!!! When you join our mailing list you’ll be the first to know about our Specials, Promotional Offers, & Free Newsletter. Need a new set of Keys? We can get keys for most manufacturers including Pride Mobility, Golden Technologies, Drive Medical and Merits.

What kind of key do I need for my Monster scooter?

Monster Scooter Parts the genuine OEM replacement mobility scooter key to get you up and running again. Whether you need a Pride key, or a Go-Go key, or just about any other brand, you can find it here. We stock keys for Amigo, Go-Go, Invacare, Merits, Pride, Rascal, Ranger, and other scooters.

Is it common to lose a motorcycle key?

A lot of us have probably found ourselves in the unfortunate situation of losing a key to a motorcycle. Surprisingly enough, this is actually pretty common. Motorcycle key chains tend to not have a lot of extra add-ons on them so they get lost a lot easier.