How to remove the top bolt from suspension strut?

How to remove the top bolt from suspension strut?

Even if you need to get into the top of the strut, you could make up something welding a bar to the long socket . I used a long socket. A quick ‘crack’ to break the stiction then hex key though the hole while turning the socket with pipe wrench.. Ive got the struts out but im stuck getting the top bolt off,.

What happens if you remove the center nut on a strut?

Do not remove the center nut or the strut will come apart and it is under high spring tension. Since you’ve removed the bolts from the steering knuckle, the strut might fall loose after you remove these bolts. It might help to have a partner holding onto the strut assembly while you loosen these bolts.

Where are the strut bolts located on a car?

Once the strut bolts are out the strut and steering knuckle are separated. Open the hood and locate the strut towers to remove the bolts. Usually they are located at the midpoint of the inside fender well and look like cylinders. They are most likely held in by three small bolts. Remove the strut tower bolts.

What’s the best way to remove rust from a strut?

This is often rusted on and difficult to remove. You might choose to spray some rust loosening spray like WD-40 on equal onto the bolts before you can free them. Try hammering a few times on the knuckle itself to loosen things up a bit before hammering directly on the bolts holding the strut to the knuckle.

How do you install spindle to strut assembly?

Push or tap spindle assembly onto strut and remove screwdriver from pinch joint opening. Install spindle-to-strut assembly pinch bolt into spindle and through strut (Fig. 3). Torque bolt (E) to the value shown in the original equipment service manual. • Obtain replacement bolts if threads are bent or damaged. TWO LOWER BOLTS STYLE:

How do you remove a strut from a wheel?

When this happens, use a sledge hammer and hit the lower control arm area where the ball joint is mounted to and the joint will come apart. When removing the strut camber bolts from the wheel hub bracket, be sure to mark where the strut is located by using a paint marker.

What happens when you remove a nut from a strut?

This will make the spring that is compressed into place spring out at a forceful rate. You must have the spring compressed prior to removing this nut. It can be tricky replacing a strut on a vehicle. Sometimes the lower control arm ball joint does not free up and is frozen (stuck) to the strut.

How to install a lower strut on a car?

TWO LOWER BOLTS STYLE: • (Fig. 4) Remove and save lower mounting nuts (G) and bolts (H). Separate lower strut mount from steering knuckle. • (Fig. 1) Remove and save the bearing plate upper mounting nuts (A). (P-Pack included with new nuts.) • Remove the strut assembly from vehicle (Fig. 5, 6 & 7).