How to timing the injector pump in cat 3304?

How to timing the injector pump in cat 3304?

Click to expand… I would start by using a puller to loosen the gear on the accessory drive shaft on its taper. Then use the timing tool to locate the tangs of the pump drive end in the proper position. Next you need to locate the engine at top dead center (TDC) on #1 compression stroke.

Where are the bolts on a cat 3304 pump?

There is a raised cover near the throttle lever with 3 bolts in it, 2 5/16 and 1 3/8 (9/16 hex). Take out the 3/8 bolt/plug and get a new 1/4″ drill bit. push the drill bit into the hold with tip outward, turn the engine until the drill slips into a slot in the shaft and locks the pump.

Where is the pipe plug in a cat 3304?

There should be a 1/4 pipe plug in the flywheel housing under the starter. Remove this plug and while slowly turning engine over by hand using a 3/8 bolt long enough to hit the flywheel through the pipe plug hole you should be able to find the threaded hole in the flywheel.

How does the timing of an injection pump work?

When you adjust the timing, you can alter when the engine injects the fuel, therefore changing when combustion occurs. An injection pump is often driven indirectly from the crankshaft by chains, gears or a timing belt that also moves the camshaft.

Where is the spring on an injection pump?

On mine there’s a cover with 4 bolts on the side below the pump that needs to be removed and a spring disconnected. This is because there’s a pin on the “rack” that’s on the pump that is operated by a slot in a fork and the engine block casting has a area that allows this pin on the pump to be removed.

Is the cat 3306 engine a good starter?

CAT 3306 engines, like the smaller CAT 3304, are very reliable and will start right up most of the time. With mechanical diesel engines it can be a bit trickier to find the issue at hand without the corresponding ECM code however these tips above should give you at least a place to look.

What to do if your Caterpillar 3306 engine starts rough?

Contact a specialist at Big Bear Engine Company if you have any issues or questions concerning the Caterpillar 3306 Engine. If you encounter rough starts with the engine immediate turn off the engine and take it to a mechanic or machine shop for further diagnosis. Multiple dry starts could further damage the engine.