Is a big cam Cummins a good engine?

Is a big cam Cummins a good engine?

But yes the Cummins big cam is the best engine ever made. The next best engine would be a Detroit 2 stroke. The next would be any mechanical engine. And the very very last would be any electronic junk that has unnecessary garbage on top of a mechanical engine that only cost you money.

How does a Cummins PT pump work?

The Cummins PT fuel system (fig. 5-28) is exclusive to Cummins diesel engines; PT stands for “Pressure – Time”. It uses injectors that meter and injects the fuel with this metering based on a pressure-time principle. A gear-driven positive displacement low-pressure fuel pump naturally supplies fuel pressure.

Why is the Cummins Big Cam the best engine?

The reason why the Cummins big cam is the best engine is because it’s a modern four stroke diesel that will do what any other Modern Diesel does these days except it does it without a computer and all the expensive worthless non needed BS. It does it without EVER going to the dealer, with inexpensive rebuild kits, and inexpensive injectors.

When did the Big Cam IV engine come out?

Big Cam IV engines were introduced in 1985. However, it appears not all Big Cam IV engines had all the new features. Some new engines coming out of China – are called Big Cam IV and they are not cross flow engines – they look more like Big Cam III engines, with the Big Cam III look intercooler, but they do have new-type pulse manifolds.

Is there a burned core on a Cummins 400?

BURNED CORE. OK FOR PARTS PartNumber: 82704370 We’re sorry, we could not issue pre-approval based on the information provided. Please complete a full application by clicking “Apply Now”.

Why did Cummins stop using the ” a “?

They stopped useing the “A”, as most of their turbo engines from the 70’s on were aftercooled. Cummins truck block went thru many changes. It had small bores then was bored out to 855 CID… They were haveing trouble with cam lobes wearing, and incressed the size of the cam allowing for longer “ramp” times on the lobes .