Is Cat 3208 a good marine engine?

Is Cat 3208 a good marine engine?

Although its original concept was a cheap throw-away engine, the Caterpillar 3208 engine has been used for many applications. Perhaps the most popular application has been to power marine craft, where it has proved to be a reliable engine, with some boats clocking up thousands of running hours.

How many horsepower is a 3208 Cat?

CAT 3208 Long Block Parts List:

CAT 3126 Spec Engine Data
Displacement 10.4 L (636 cu in)
Rotation (from flywheel end) Counter-Clockwise
Compression Ratio 16.5:1 435
HP 15.5:1

What causes a boat engine to diesel?

too rich of an idle mixture at the carb. idle speed set too high. high engine temperature or high temperature engine compartment air. wrong heat range spark plugs or spark plugs with deposits on them.

What does 3208 mean?

The families are 3100, 3200, 3300, 3400, 3500 & 3600, the last 2 digits represent the number of cylinders ie 3208 = 8 cylinder engine, 3412 = 12 cylinder engine and so on.

What is the most reliable diesel marine engine?

Best Diesel Marine Engines

  • MAN V8-1000 & V8-1200 Marine Diesel Engines.
  • MAN V12-1400 & V12-1550 Marine Diesel Engines.
  • MAN V12-1650 & V12-1800 Marine Diesel Engines.
  • MTU 16 V 2000 M96 Diesel Marine Engine.
  • Volvo D13-900 Marine Diesel Engine.
  • Volvo D6-435 Marine Diesel Engine.
  • Volvo D11-700 Marine Diesel Engine.

Why do boat engines fail?

Boat Engine is Sputtering and Losing Power 1 breakdown reason — running out of fuel). You most likely have a filter problem or fouled plugs. That could be why your boat motor is losing power. For long-term storage, fill the tank, and for periods of more than three months, you might want to consider a fuel stabilizer.

What causes Dieseling?

Dieseling or engine run-on is a condition that can occur in spark-plug-ignited, gasoline powered internal combustion engines, whereby the engine keeps running for a short period after being turned off, due to the engine kicking back upon shutdown, drawing fuel through the carburetor, into the engine and igniting it …

When did the Caterpillar 3208 diesel engine come out?

The Caterpillar 3208 is an eight-cylinder, four-stroke diesel engine with a V-8 configuration. The 3208 Cat engine was released in 1975 when Cat collaborated with Ford, the 3208 proved to be extremely popular during its production run that ceased in the early 1990’s.

How much does a Cat 3208 engine weigh?

CAT 3208 Long Block Parts List: CAT 3126 Spec Engine Data DITA 15.0 L (4.0 gal) Oil Change Interval 250 hrs Engine Weight, Net Dry (approx) 722 kg (1592 lb) 375 hp 772 kg (1702 lb)

Can A 3208 cat long block engine be replaced?

A remanufactured 3208 Cat long block engine is a great replacement for someone who has been the victim of a catastrophic internal engine failure, but luckily escaped with good re-useable external components that can be salvaged from their old motor.

How to fix a 3208 cat fuel system problem?

3208 Cat fuel system problem 1 Buy clean fuel. Keep it clean (of water too). 2 Strip the tanks and the filters of water. 3 Heed the advice offered in the manual Preventative Maintenance level 3 “Fuel Pump/Governor housing” Drain water