Is Creed OK for kids to watch?

Is Creed OK for kids to watch?

Due to some bad language, several fight scenes and this being more of a drama-led story than action, we feel this movie is most appropriate for kids aged 9 and over.

Is Creed 2 okay for kids?

Overall this is an entertaining sports drama. Rocky and Creed fans will most likely enjoy the film. Appropriate for kids ages 13 and up.

Is Assassin’s Creed Black Flag ok for 13 year old?

Good for most teens 13+

Why is Rocky rated PG?

The MPAA has rated Rocky Balboa PG for boxing violence and some language. In the following years, the Rocky franchise found the boxer fighting his way through four more opponents.

Why is Creed so expensive?

One of the reasons Creed cologne is so expensive is that it’s entirely handmade. Many fragrance manufacturers use machines to harvest and mix their essential oils and other ingredients to create the scent. Creed doesn’t. They employ workers to do all the harvesting, processing, and mixing by hand.

What age is Creed suitable for?

Family Movie Review: Creed (PG-13) Age Appropriate For: 14+.

Why is Assassin’s Creed Rogue rated M?

Violence includes vicious melee kills, with blades jabbed into or through bodies and heads. Victims scream and bleed. Dialogue includes infrequent but strong language, including the words “f–k” and “s–t.” Civilians can accidentally be killed, and players can hunt wild animals, trading their pelts with merchants.

What was the point of the movie Green Zone?

GREEN ZONE is a political thriller that simplistically attacks the problem of why the United States allegedly did not find any weapons of mass destruction when it defeated Saddam Hussein in 2003 in Iraq. The answer it comes up with is bogus and distorts what actually happened, apparently to fit movie star Matt Damon’s well-known leftist views.

What should parents know about the Green Zone?

Parents need to know that this suspenseful war thriller is brimming with tense scenes and battle sequences, all of which include gunfire. Characters are almost always armed, mostly with automatic firearms though sometimes with knives, and skirmishes exact brutal, bloody casualties (bombs detonate; soldiers hemorrhage after being shot).

Who are the characters in the Green Zone?

A CIA agent ( Brendan Gleeson) encourages Miller to dig for a truth that might be buried in the highest levels of government, but a hawkish politico ( Greg Kinnear) is on his trail. Is it any good? GREEN ZONE is terrifically entertaining, a tension-filled ride that brings viewers right to the heart of the action.

Who was the Chief Warrant Officer in the Green Zone?

GREEN ZONE opens with U.S. troops rolling into Baghdad in 2003. Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller (played by Matt Damon) and his Army team of inspectors are looking for weapons of mass destruction, but they have found none so far. Careening from one treacherous site to the next, they encounter one major Iraqi general, who escapes their grasp.