Is the ambient air temperature sensor on a Kenworth T800?

Is the ambient air temperature sensor on a Kenworth T800?

I have a 2013 Kenworth T800 with ISX CM2250. For the pass couple days I’ve notice the display in the dash has been showing some ridiculous numbers for outside temperature which i knew was wrong. Today fault code 2398 popped up for ambient air temperature data erratic. can anyone help me located this sensor.

Is the T800 outside air temp sensor Rawze? Rawze’s ISX Technical Discussion and more / Big Truck Technical Discussion… / Pete & KW related Help… / T800 Outside Air Temp Sensor

Where is the correct ambient air temperature sensor?

Checked again with a different Freightliner in Grand Junction, CO, and they had to do a little bit of some digging to find the correct one. It was named Air temperature sensor, instead of ambient air temperature, lol… Plugged it in and checked it on Insite and all seems to be well, and reading the correct temp.

Where is the ambient air sensor on a Freightliner 2250?

Well, it mentions an Ambient air PRESSURE sensor (Barometric air pressure) which is located near the IMAP sensor on the engine harness, on this 2250 anyway, but does not measure temperature. 2nd try was at a Freightliner in Texas which could only find one sensor out front behind the bumper.

What should the idle temperature be on a Paccar mx-13?

PACCAR MX-13 Engine Operator’s Manual). o The recommended range for Engine Idle Shutdown Timer (EIST) to be active is between 25°F and 75°F. Prolonged periods of idle between 25°F and 35°F (current low-end EIST setting) within this temperature range may not provide significant comfort benefits to the operator.

How often do you change the valve on a Paccar?

• Valve Adjustment – Complete the initial valve adjustment at 40k miles (1,200 hours), again at 160,000 miles (4,800 hours) and then every 160,000 (4,800 hours) for the life of the vehicle. (Schedule: 40,000 miles, 160,000 miles, 320,000 miles, 480,000 miles, 640,000 miles…etc.) • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) – Clean every 200,000 miles.

How often should you change the oil on a Paccar mx-13?

• Vocational oil change interval is 25,000 miles (or 800 hours ) and applies when fuel economy is less than 6 MPG and higher than 80,000 GVW. Fuel Filters (If Fuel Quality or % of Bio Diesel is Unknown): • Replace both the primary (Frame Mounted) and secondary filter (Engine Mounted) twice as often as the engine oil is replaced.